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Zipvit ZV1 schwag: we have winners!

Lots of energy up for grabs - did you get your grubby mitts on any?

You came, you saw, you commented. A lot of people out there seriously lacking in energy, which is not surprising given the dismal weather we've had over the past week. There can only be one... erm, five winners though, and the fickle finger of fate in association with has selected the following lucky individuals...


Congratulations to our five winners, and don't worry if you missed out this time, there's always another schwagger on the horizon...


No sooner have we dispatched jiffy bags full of Zipvit bars and gels to the four corners of our fair isle than you have another chance to walk away with some tasty energy goodness. This time we've got five big ol' tubs of Zipvit ZV1 energy drink.

Tester Mat said of the ZV1, "I got on really well with ZV1. It delivers the goods really quickly when you feel your energy waning and the flavour means you’re more inclined than usual to keep supping away regularly, topping up your fuel tanks". Excellent news, and it'll taste even sweeter if it's free.

A 1.4kg tub would normally set you back £16.99, but all you have to do to get one of ours is comment below. Normal schwag grab rules apply, and you have until the moveable feast that is tiffin on Monday (Valentine's day... don't forget!) to enter, whereupon we'll tuck into some heart shaped baked products and pick some winners. Good luck!

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