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New 'Gage' premium helmet coming from Bell and it's not a spelling mistake

A 'World Exclusive' for the UK, apparently

Bell the famous high-speed-sports helmet makers have named their latest top-level cycling helmet after what they're claiming as the world's first automotive speed shop "Bell Auto Parts" from whence the helmet-making sprang. It was located at 3633 Gage Avenue in the town of Bell, just outside Los Angeles.

According to their announcement today, "The Gage is a race-bred helmet weighing in at an ultra-light 233 grams whilst also boasting  some 26 vents This new helmet benefits from a number of Bell technologies including the TAG Fit System and X-Static Padding. Based around a Fusion In-Mold Microshell, the Gage is further enhanced by lightweight Internal Reinforcement. The 26 vents of the Gage offer channeled ventilation, ensuring that the Gage is as cool as it fast."

There will be a number of colour options including BMC Racing Team livery and the price £159.99 when it arrives in the summer.

We'll be seeing the new helmet for ourselves on Thursday at UK's importer and distributors Madison who are holding their dealer expo IceBike. You can expect news on Madison's house bike brands Genesis and Ridgeback.

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OldRidgeback | 12 years ago

Hmm, I'm curious what actual protection it gives, not much probably.

Mostyn | 12 years ago

I'd want a bike to accompany that helmet at £160. Thought it was expensive when I bought a Specialized Echelon for £48. But I know that there are some wealthy numpties out there that will happily pay that for a plastic titfer!

Eg3ftp1 | 12 years ago

I assumed it was named after renowned head injury survivor Phineas P. Gage.

nick_rearden replied to Eg3ftp1 | 12 years ago

Wow! That's a QI qualifier, I reckon. I doubt whether Bell named the helmet after him but I wonder whether Gage Ave was originally named after Phineas? Highly possible I'd have thought. We'll enjoy taxing Bell's representative with that one when we see him tomorrow.

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