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Video: Peter Sagan makes Tour look wheelie easy

Slovakian newcomer glides over Planche des Belles Filles on one wheel

Peter Sagan made the Tour look easy yesterday, pulling a wheelie 300m from the finish line, which also marked the top of the gruelling Cat.1 La Planche des Belles Filles; a 5.9 kilometre-long climb at 8.5%. And he didn't even use his hands.

Here's the video:

It's a stunt he's familiar with, and he wasn't in a rush, seeing as he was coming in in 55th place, but we're still impressed. And the Slovakian has nothing to worry about; on his first ever Tour he's already won three stages.

Here he is pulling the same crowd-pleaser on the Tour of Oman earlier this year.


In case you're wondering, he raced BMX and mountain bike before hitting the road, so that's where his skillz come from.

And he's in good company; Robbie McEwan was a big fan of the same trick.

Thanks to Tom Amos for the tip.


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Simon E | 11 years ago

Great stuff! If you've got it, flaunt it  1

I don't recall a negative comment on ITV about his stage win celebrations, I thought generally it was thought of as fun thing. He seems to me to have appeared to be rather dour in the past, so I'm glad he's smiling more. He's only 22, after all!

Of course, there are always mean-spirited people just waiting to put to slag people off, just like some tweets about Wiggins yesterday, to which he responded, er, rather robustly. Good on you, Brad, those tossers are all talk and no balls.

On a separate note, I was told that the breakfast sports news on TV today was full of Andy Murray losing at Wimbledon but no mention of Brad in maillot jaune. Is TdF too 'foreign' and complicated for british hacks? Or is losing at a ball game (which most people only care about for 2 weeks of the year) so much more important?

pjt201 | 11 years ago

there's a good Jared Gruber pic of Tomas Vaitkus doing similar on the Paterberg at the Tour of Flanders.

Coleman | 11 years ago

Love it. So good to see a good rider enjoying himself.

I heard one of the ITV4 commentators talking about Sagan's 'disrespectful' celebration on one of the other stages. What the hell were they on about?

Slovakia got silver in thie year's ice hockey championships and they're sending out world class cyclists. Not bad for a country of 5 million people.


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