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Cyclists invited to have their say in CTC's National Cycle Plan survey

CTC will present findings to the DfT

The CTC is inviting cyclists to complete a survey sharing their views on what policies and proposals should be included in the National Cycle Plan, and how they should be prioritised. The CTC will then compile a report which will be presented to the Department for Transport.

In June the Prime Minister announced that the DfT would produce a National Cycle Plan to start a cycling revolution in England.

The government released its vision for a low-carbon economy of the future, committing itself to a National Cycle Plan in which cyclist is viewed `as a mainstream form of personal transport.’

The Plan represents an opportunity substantially to increase the use of cycling, and should set out what the aim for cycling should be, how much investment it requires, and what needs to change in order to achieve that increase.

Although Transport Ministers seem genuinely keen to promote cycling, their officials have been given very little time to prepare the Plan, and CTC understands that a public consultation exercise is unlikely. CTC still believes the National Cycle Plan can be an inspirational document which sets us on course for really substantial increases in cycle use.

To make your voice heard visit the CTC website to complete the survey at

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