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Bike ride based chat show coming to Channel 4

"Now it's time for quite out-of-shape people getting lost as they pedal towards a beautiful landmark that’s supposed to be just over there."...

Comedian David O’Doherty will host a new chat show on Channel 4 in which he goes on bike rides with fellow celebrities. 

Grayson Perry, Richard Ayoade, Mel Giedroyc and Joe Wilkinson will all join O’Doherty on 'The Ride' as they explore some of the most picturesque parts of the UK.

O’Doherty – who came up with the idea for the series – said: "I think we've all seen enough of very fit cyclists racing up mountains and whooshing round tracks on our televisions.

"Now it's time for quite out-of-shape people getting lost as they pedal towards a beautiful landmark that’s supposed to be just over there."

The comic and his guests will visit Wales, Northumberland, Dungeness in Kent and the Suffolk coast during the series. 

Jonny Rothery, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: "Charming, revealing and full of picturesque locations, The Ride puts a new spin on celebrity interviews as we see the wonderfully funny David O’Doherty take to the road with these four brilliant characters."

And Peter Holmes, executive producer for Zeppotron, added: "We are so pleased to be able to help David share his passion for cycling as he freewheels around the most beautiful parts of Britain exploring the minds and calves of his fascinating guests."

A release date for the series has yet to be revealed.

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Richard_pics | 2 years ago

The episode based in Suffolk with Joe, was really great.

I am resident of suffolk and ride these roads reguarly, and it showed them in a beatiful light.

David and Joe were both entertaining and enjoyable.  I have watched the others too, but this was my favourite episode. 

They even popped into our Friends Chip Shop (Mrs T's on Southwold Harbour) but this wasnt shown on the programme. 

Worth watching in my opinion.

(if you like the Detectorists, it was in a similar feel to that - Which is one of the best programmes on telly imho)

Awavey | 2 years ago

didnt Larry Lamb and his son do something similar on Channel 5 ?  travelogues by bicycle can be done well, I did enjoy watching Mickey Flanagans Detour de France which was very interesting, but he was clearly into the cycling part as much as the travelling part.

if its just a bunch of z list celebs, put on some bikes, just because theyve already done z list celebs travel britian in cars,trains,canal boats & fish & chip vans, it puts it in the category for me of this is going to be inevitably very disappointing and full of bad japes about bottom saddle aches.

Ride On replied to Awavey | 2 years ago

Yeah. I don't think I'll bother.

Kendo replied to Awavey | 2 years ago

Grayson Perry and Richard Ayoade definitely ride bikes. Dunno about Mel Giedroyc or Joe Wilkinson.

Zebulebu | 2 years ago



Rendel Harris replied to Zebulebu | 2 years ago

Why so funny? It's a fabulous place to ride!

Webmuppet replied to Zebulebu | 2 years ago

Some beautiful lanes around Romney Marsh - a lovely area to ride (but a bit exposed if you find a headwind !)

CyclingInGawler replied to Webmuppet | 2 years ago

Back before the dawn of civilisation (okay, it was the 1970s, but it feels that far back in time now!) I spent many a happy hour cycling round the lanes of Romney Marsh when living in Lydd and then Brookland, but mainly north of the A259 rather on those exposed roads from south of New Romney and out towards Dungeness Point which are, as Webmuppet suggests, a bit exposed if the wind is in the wrong direction. It was fabulous back then, but unfortunately my more recent occasional visits have shown that the advent of "minimum-distance" satnav routing now has lots more traffic on those roads. Ho hum, nothing lasts forever, and nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Wolfcastle50 | 2 years ago

Doddles gets a chat show! And he's on a bike! This is too good.

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