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Jeremy Vine highlights grim reality of gridlocked London route where cycle lane was ripped out... as council due in court over early removal; Chilly commutes; Manchester to host 2023 Tour of Britain Grand Départ + more on the live blog

Bear with Dan Alexander while his fingers defrost... that was a cold one... once there's some semblance of feeling restored he'll be cracking on with Thursday's live blog...
08 December 2022, 08:53
Jeremy Vine highlights grim reality of gridlocked London route where cycle lane was ripped out... as council due in court over early removal

Christmas nearing and Kensington High Street's (now-former) cycle lane in the spotlight... it's like December 2020 all over again!

Kensington High Street pop-up cycle lane (picture Simon MacMichael)

If you're just hearing about all this for the first time, here's a little 20-second recap (for a more detailed run-down, check out Ryan's report)...

Back in, you guessed it, December 2020 the lanes were ripped out by Kensington and Chelsea council just seven weeks into an 18 month trial due to complaints from motorists and London Assembly Tory Tony Devenish that the lane — which was used by up to 3,000 riders a day, including children from local schools — was causing congestion.

> PM Boris Johnson 'ballistic' over scrapping of Kensington High Street cycle lane

As you can see from Jeremy Vine's video earlier this week, the congestion has simply disappeared since the cycling infrastructure was removed...

Anyway, the Royal Borough (they're a Royal Borough, don't you know) is due at the Royal Courts of Justice today for a judicial review over the decision to remove the cycle lane, something we'll bring you more on once we have it...

> Motor traffic journey times increase after Kensington cycle lanes removed

In the meantime enjoy another of Vine's videos of the pristine natural beauty of the High Street...

08 December 2022, 16:35
Another cheating scandal
Eddy Hoole races to win in eSports world championship qualifying (Zwift, YouTube)

How many watts could you hold for four minutes? 8.5w/kg? No, neither can Eddy Hoole according to Zwift who have banned the South African from racing for six months...

Full story: Zwift racer banned for six months and sacked by team for hacking data during world championships qualifier

08 December 2022, 15:26
Best waterproof cycling jackets: 6 of the best for 2023

08 December 2022, 15:20
Bernal's barmy off season continues

If you missed yesterday's blog?

> "Morning ride": Egan Bernal casually taps out 270km training ride at 38.5kph… 

08 December 2022, 14:29
Should we say our gift guide is for discerning cyclists or is that elitist?
08 December 2022, 14:22
Watch Tenable on your bike... oh wait, no don't do that...

Maybe Pointless would be worth tuning in from the saddle, definitely The Chase, I'm afraid Tenable is way down the daytime game show rankings in my humblest opinion...

08 December 2022, 12:56
Edinburgh Police stop riders "spoken [to] in regards to various matters including lack of lights and protective headwear"

⚠️Helmet row⚠️

We should probably clarify there are other tweets in the thread talking about conducting traffic checks as part of the festive drink drive operations, the breath tests weren't — we don't think — conducted on cyclists without helmets...

Anyway, this post went down predictably well...

08 December 2022, 11:48
Bike SKI(lls)

Anyone got any snow this morning? If so we've got just thing for you...

08 December 2022, 11:26
Put down the novelty multi-tool or wheelie bad pun mug...
08 December 2022, 11:11
France to introduce law requiring buildings with car parking to also offer secure bicycle parking
Bike rack in Cheltenham town centre (picture courtesy Cheltenham Borough Council)

The Local reports that many shared apartment complexes across France will have to come up with ways to offer secure bike parking from next year when a new law comes into effect.

All buildings with car parking options will be required to offer secure bicycle parking too. Cycling has been on the rise in France, with an 11 per cent increase during the first nine months of 2022 compared with the first nine months of 2021, and is up 33 per cent compared with the same period in 2019.

> Paris to become '100 per cent cycling city' within next four years

Some have said the new law does not go far enough though as it only applies to buildings with car parking spaces, while there are concerns about another exemption which means buildings will not need to provide cycle storage if the area where they would is 'inaccessible' for cyclists. For example, if the car park is underground and accessed by a ramp deemed dangerous for cyclists.

08 December 2022, 09:52
Manchester to host 2023 Tour of Britain Grand Départ

Four years after the 2019 edition, won by triple stage winner Mathieu van der Poel, ended in Manchester, the 2023 Tour of Britain will be back in 0161...

And a certain former Premier League referee is well up for it...

Maybe we need to add a ref to our footballers who cycle team? 

08 December 2022, 09:36
Chilly commutes

Can confirm my finger have defrosted...

Still, plenty of people getting after it despite the cold...

> How to beat winter — Tips, tricks and clothing advice for making the most of riding through winter 

> How should you layer up for winter cycling? Top tips for riding in cold weather

> Winter cycling: 11 questions you always wanted to ask, answered

And for me...

> Best winter cycling gloves 2022 — keep your hands warm and dry

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