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Scottish cyclist has Irn-Bru poured over her while she phones police to warn of rock throwing

The group filmed themselves as they tipped the fizzy drink on the woman...

A group of teenagers filmed themselves pouring Irn-Bru over a cyclist while she phoned the police after having rocks thrown at her. 

Charlotte, who did not want to reveal her surname, was left in fear after being targeted by a group of four teenage boys as she cycled along Edinburgh's Seafield Road on Tuesday evening.

The 30-year-old, from Leith, told Edinburgh Live she was cycling past the crematorium on her bike around 8pm when she was bombarded with rocks, bottles and other objects.

She noticed a group of boys standing on the wall above her and as she got out her phone to call the police the teens began pouring Irn-Bru on top of her while laughing. 

She said: "When the dispatcher asked my name and I said it the boys began repeating it and jeering. For me that was horrible.

"I just want them to understand how dangerous their actions were, and how much they can threaten people.

"There's a difference between a joke and what could end up being a serious accident. I stopped and got off my bike because it would have been dangerous to continue with the other traffic if things were being thrown.

"The boys were taking footage at the time so if someone sees it I would ask them to intervene and tell these boys about how dangerous it was."

She added: "As women, we're already scared, especially given what's been going on, and little things like this just make it worse. I really did start panicking.

"It was dark, I was on my own and I couldn't see them clearly. It's unfair but I do feel afraid to cycle that route now."

She added: "The reason I stopped and stood my ground was because I wanted them to know I'm a person with feelings too.

"I don't just want to say they should be punished and that's it.

"I would ask parents to speak to the kids so they can understand how this type of thing can hurt people."

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Cycloid | 2 years ago

My sympathies are with Charlotte

I have been spat at 2x, had coke poured over me and apple cores thrown at me from passing cars.

It's just what happens on our roads, only the people on the receiving end see this as a problem.

If these things happened in a shopping mall they would be seen as assault, on the road it's just one of those things


SpeedingSloth replied to Cycloid | 2 years ago

Horrific. Just awful. I know the area and have cycled through there late at night in the past. With wires on cycle paths and people pelting buses and now cyclists, it's definitely made me think more about where I ride, despite being a 6'3 guy. Solutions? Easy to say 'clip round the earhole' or 'national service' or 'borstal' but the problem's much deeper than that. I mean, I've had aggro from well dressed, well spoken people in large SUVs and sports cars. Best I can think of is there's a general disregard for consequences and an awful lot of 'knowing of rights' without 'knowing of responsibilities'. How do you effect societal change? Harder to achieve, but with crime against soft targets (buses, trams, cyclists) increasing in Edinburgh, maybe Police Scotland could focus on them for a little? Cyclists pay taxes too...

Cycloid replied to SpeedingSloth | 2 years ago

Well Said, a bit of zero tolerance is a good starting point

ErnieC | 2 years ago

Until there are consequencess for their actions this is going to continue and get worse. Thia is where Vigilantism starts. 

Rick_Rude | 2 years ago

Sadly there will always be this behaviour. Only difference is they'll put it Tiktok now.

geomannie 531 | 2 years ago

I am so sorry for this. Just how did society get this way?

the infamous grouse replied to geomannie 531 | 2 years ago

society has always been this way. technology has enabled us to learn of it sooner and more frequently.

grOg replied to geomannie 531 | 2 years ago

Immature young males have long been a problem.. they need serious consequences to send them a message to grow up and behave in a civilised manner.

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