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Edinburgh cyclists forced out of cycle lane and into motor traffic lane because only one was cleared of snow

“We operate a priority gritting system”
01 January 2021, 17:23
2.4 million trips on London's Embankment Cycleway this year

Cyclists in London made around 2.4 million trips on the protected cycleway running along the Thames, according to a cycle counter located close to Embankment Underground station.

And as the @CS3Count Twitter account points out, more than 1.1 million trips were made on the North-South cycleway, where the cycle counter is located on Blackfriars Road. 

Click through for the full thread showing how travel patterns on the routes changed last year.



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hawkinspeter | 3 years ago

With councils and cycle lanes, it's a cost-benefit exercise as to how much it costs to salt or clear the cycle vs how many people fall off and sue the council. I can sympathise with the council deciding that clearing cycle paths is not a top priority.

Personally, I love a bit of snow. It's a great excuse to get the old MTB out and have fun slipping and sliding on the snow/slush. Fresh snow isn't usually too much of a problem, but it's when you get bumpy compacted ice that you find the wheels slipping out.

Typically, the safest bit of road to ride on is either untouched snow or the tyre tracks left by cars etc. so maybe it's best to just skip the cycle lanes after heavy snowfall.

spen | 3 years ago

I doubt theres a council in the country that would clear a cycle path, they simply don't have the resources to do it.

dodpeters | 3 years ago
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There is an interesting perspective on priorities for clearing snow here:

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