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Video: Atlanta police officer borrows cyclist’s bike to catch murder suspect

Bike allowed officer to keep suspect in sight and provide updates to colleagues

An Atlanta police officer managed to ensure the arrest of a murder suspect after borrowing a bike from a passing cyclist.

WSBTV reports that on June 30, officers visited the Old Fourth Ward Skate Park, where 21-year-old Nicholas Fonseca was suspected of shooting 37-year-old Andrew Scott Callahan last weekend.

Fonseca was there, but upon seeing the police, jumped on a bike and rode away.

Officers pursued on foot, which as you can see in the bodycam footage, didn’t seem likely to result in his arrest.

One officer then stopped a passing cyclist and asked if he could borrow his bike.

The cyclist agreed and the officer set off along the city’s BeltLine trail after Fonseca.

Police said that officer was able to keep Fonseca in sight and provide updates on his whereabouts to colleagues.

It seems to have been a fairly protracted pursuit with the officer weaving in and out of traffic after coming off the BeltLine.

Fonseca was eventually arrested near Ponce City Market without incident. He has been charged with murder.

Following his arrest, the bike used in the chase was returned to its owner.

In a statement, the City of Atlanta Police Department commended its officers for their efforts and also the cyclist, for loaning the officer his bike.

“We are proud of the work our investigators put into this case and proud of the efforts made by our officers in pursuing and apprehending this dangerous suspect. Additionally, we are grateful for the assistance of the cyclist in loaning us his bicycle.”

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