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Are petrolheads and cyclists really all that different? JayEmm on the Podcast + women’s racing discussed

Time for something completely different on this bumper-length episode of the Podcast, as the world of cars and bikes collide (definitely not literally)

On episode 46 of the Podcast we're joined by James Martin, also known as JayEmm, who you may know from his very popular YouTube channel JayEmm on Cars. A small snippet of one of James’ videos, in which he explains how it’s important to respect cyclists as fellow road users, got us thinking about the crossover between car and bike enthusiasts, and who better to talk to us about it! We're also talking women's racing on this bumper episode, our longest yet. 


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Often in the media, and even in coverage here on, the differences between motorists and cyclists are highlighted all too often; but as statistics will tell you the vast majority of cyclists drive cars too, and especially amongst car and bike aficionados – your mechanics, tinkerers and hardcore enthusiasts – that crossover is even more prominent. 

> Confessions of a former petrolhead

It was a small section thee minutes into James' video above, in which he says that the crossover between car enthusiasts and cyclists is "more than you'd ever imagine", that prompted us to arrange this chat in the first place, and everything from the general appreciation of cars, bikes and beautiful bits of engineering, James’ “live and let live” attitude to road etiquette and even Jeremy Vine’s Twitter feed is discussed. 

On the general appreciation of 'nice things' shared between car and bike enthusiasts, James says: "I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people out there who are just as obsessed by the machine itself. I would love a Lotus bike to go on the wall. I wouldn't ride it, I'd love to just look at it, because it's a piece of art. A lot of cars, they're a piece of engineering art. 

"The benefit of something like a bike is you can see much more clearly what's going on, how it all interacts. I think there's a lot of people out there, and I include myself on the fringes of this, who are just fascinated by the 'how it works' aspect of it.

"I'm sure there's loads of people out there who have really expensive bikes who aren't actually very good on them... but they just love the beauty of it, the artistry of it, they love having something a little bit different to somebody else."

James even offers a refreshing perspective on cyclists riding two abreast: "I think it's a genius idea.

"It might wind road users up, but only the simple ones because they then know they can only overtake when there's space. Whereas a single cyclist, people seem to think for whatever reason that it's easier to get past a single cyclist than two cyclists riding two abreast. 

"It's one of these things where I smack my head against my desk quite a bit."

We'd fully recommend listening to the whole discussion, as these quotes barely scratched the surface!

Strade Bianche Womens Race 2023 podium: Demi Vollering Lotte Kopecky and Kristen Faulkner (Alex Whitehead/
Alex Whitehead/

Part 2, recorded on International Women's Day, sees Suvi, Ryan and Dan talk women's racing. How far has professional women’s cycling progressed in recent years as a spectator sport, and is enough being done to ensure it gets equal billing compared to men’s races?

Up for discussion is how those developments are going right now, what we want to see from race organisers and how broadcasters could do better. What do you think? 

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Grahamd | 1 year ago
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Great podcast.

Andrewbanshee | 1 year ago
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A petrol head is a distinct group of motorists not represented of the whole in the slightest, but we know the type of person it is describing. A cyclist on the other hand is a generic catch all term for anyone on a bicycle but doesn't describe anyone accurately. There are a few that I would say are akin to a petrol head, but only a few

Andrewbanshee replied to Andrewbanshee | 1 year ago

I am looking forward to listening to the podcast though. He sounds like a decent guy Indeed.

STiG911 | 1 year ago

Been a fan of James for a while now, and I even met him in person at a car meet organised by him last summer. Thoroughly nice chap as well as being a considerate driver when it comes to cyclists - something I noted early on as I grew up cycling on the very roads he uses for his test route.

Global Nomad | 1 year ago

sounds like a good match up...from a follower of his channel for many years

PRSboy replied to Global Nomad | 1 year ago

Quite... will have a listen.  JayEmm is brilliant.  As an aside I've noticed he always passes cyclists with care in his videos.

He could be a great 'ambassador' for cycling via his well-followed channel.

Henry Catchpole (now presenting on the Hagerty channel) would also be worth catching up with on he is a very accomplished cyclist as well as driver/motoring journalist. 

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