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Eurobike 2017 Day 3, starring Lightweight, Brooks, Bont and Northwave

Topeak and Birzman have cool new stuff too!

We're three days into Eurobike and we're still finding loads of cool new products – in truth, we've hardly scratched the surface, and there's only one day to go. Here are some of our favourites from today…

Lightweight Meilenstein Disc wheels

Lightweight is introducing a Meilenstein Disc clincher wheel with a disc-specific rim – there’s no brake track – that’s wider than previously. The external diameter is 24mm, designed to provide better support for the wider tyres that most people are using these days.

Eurobike 2017 Lightweight Meilenstein C Disc - 6.jpg

The hub shell is half round and half pentagonal, the idea being to improve safety and reliability by providing a mechanical lock between the hub and the rest of the wheel, while distributing the one-sided braking forces from the disc rotor.

Eurobike 2017 Lightweight Meilenstein C Disc - 4.jpg

The good news is that the price of the Lightweight Meilenstein C Disc hasn't gone up. The bad news is that that price is £4,600.

Brooks Cambium All Weather saddle

Eurobike 2017 Brooks Cambium All Weather - 2.jpg

Brooks has revealed an All Weather version of its vulcanised natural rubber Cambium saddle with a waterproof nylon cover rather than the organic cotton of the existing models. Instead of steel, the frame is made from glass-fibre-reinforced nylon. 

Eurobike 2017 Brooks Cambium All Weather - 1.jpg

There are several versions of the Cambium All Weather saddle. The C17 model, for example, is priced £95 compared with £110 for the standard Cambium C17.

Bont Helix shoes

Bont Helix Eurobike 2017 - 1.jpg

Bont is introducing a new shoe called the Helix which is a lot like the existing Vaypor but with a different closure system. The lace for the Boa dial goes into the upper and then runs right underneath the foot and into the upper on the other side.

Bont Helix Eurobike 2017 - 2.jpg

Bont says that fully surrounding the foot leads to a great fit while saving weight.

Bont Helix Eurobike 2017 - 4.jpg

Northwave off-season shoes

Eurobike 2017 Northwave Raptor - 1.jpg

Sticking with shoes, Northwave has introduced new Flash TH (road) and Raptor TH (mountain bike) shoes that include Thinsulate. The idea is that they look like a summer-style shoe but offer extra warmth for autumn and spring.

Eurobike 2017 Northwave XFrame - 1.jpg

Northwave is also introducing Extreme RR GTX (road) and Extreme XCM GTX (mountain bike) high-end winter shoes. 

They come with a neoprene Climaflex collar and a Gore-Tex Rattler membrane that’s designed to keep out the wind and rain.

Topeak PakGo X bike case

Topeak has shown a new bike case called the PakGo X that’s made from a polycarbonate material called Makrolon. 

One of the key features is a removable stand. You take it out and put it on the floor, mount your bike (everything except the wheels) to it, then slot it back in position inside the case. 

Eurobike 2017 Topeak PakGo - 1.jpg

It looks a well thought-out system with various pads, covers and sleeves designed to keep your bike safe during transportation. 

The only feature that immediately struck us as a little odd was the extent to which the case’s wheels extend from the bottom of the box. We just hope they don’t get knocked and damaged in transit.

The PakGo X will be available next year for about £800. We’ll ask if we can get one in for review. 

Birzman luggage

Eurobike 2017 Birzman luggage - 1.jpg

Everyone is jumping on board the adventure bike train at this year’s Eurobike, including Birzman which is bringing out a full baggage collection called the Packman range, available from late October. 

Eurobike 2017 Birzman luggage - 6.jpg

The bags for the main triangle are designed to be modular – you can use them individually or to complement one another.

Eurobike 2017 Birzman luggage - 4.jpg

Birzman also has a new Push & Twist pump head that it’s rolling out across its floor pump range, taking over from its Snap-it Apogee design. It fits both Presta and Schrader valves. As the name suggests, you just push it onto the valve and give the collar a slight twist and that holds it there firmly. It’s very simple and quick.

Eurobike 2017 Birzman pump head - 1.jpg

To remove it, you just pull back the collar and it comes away. 

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