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20 stunning bespoke bikes at the Enve Builders Summit incl. Prova, Speedvagen, English Cycles, Sarto, Mosaic, Alchemy and more

Enve Builders Summit showcases some seriously beautiful bikes

Here’s a gallery of 20 beautiful custom handmade bikes to kick off the last working day of the week, thanks to the Enve Builders Summit held in Ogden, Utah recently.

Enve has often been a favoured brand of custom framebuilders at shows like NAHBS and the company recognises this, saying the “handmade builders have been an integral part of Enve’s success over the past 12 years,” so decided to create its own event to celebrate this partnership.

- Great custom handbuilt frames — from makers who can craft your dream frame

The 20 custom framebuilders showcased at this event showed the following bikes:

ENVE Open House Bikes-52.jpg

Mosaic RS-1 Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-12.jpg

Prova Speciale Disc Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-273.jpg

Retrotec Gravel 

ENVE Open House Bikes-23.jpg

Holland Disc Gravel 

ENVE Open House Bikes-163.jpg

Legor Cicli Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-241

Speedvagen Step-Through

ENVE Open House Bikes-39.jpg

Falconer Road

ENVE Open House Bikes-79.jpg

Salt Air 27.5 Hardtail 

ENVE Open House Bikes-25.jpg

Sklar Sweet Spot

ENVE Open House Bikes-91.jpg

Pursuit Leadout Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-182.jpg

Sage Gravel Prototype 

ENVE Open House Bikes-103.jpg

Sarto Seta Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-74.jpg

Alchemy Ronin 

ENVE Open House Bikes-230.jpg

Bingham Built Disc Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-260.jpg

Allied Able 

ENVE Open House Bikes-143.jpg

Argonaut Disc Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-200.jpg

Bastion Road 

ENVE Open House Bikes-216.jpg

Moots Vamoots Disc RSL 

ENVE Open House Bikes-214.jpg

English Endurance Road

“When we decided to build our new manufacturing facility and headquarters, which we moved into nearly three years ago, one of the objectives was to create a hub for the cyclists who live in and visit Ogden. Opening our doors to the public is something we enjoy more than anything as it delivers a unique perspective and insight into our operation and what we do to create the best products available. Having our custom frame builder partners in house to discuss their needs, the state of cycling, and showcase their latest creations was icing on the cake,” explained Enve’s VP of Product and Brand Jake Pantone.



Photos © John Watson and Ian Matteson

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