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Bryton's new flagship Rider S800 cycle computer has 36 hours of battery life

New device with 3.4” touchscreen supports advanced training metrics including cycling dynamics, alongside navigational features

Bryton has launched its new flagship GPS, the Rider S800. With a large 3.4” colour touchscreen, the navigational features include auto-rerouting and route retracing, and the training features include graphical workout support and advanced metrics with Cycling Dynamics support. There's also a Group Ride functionality for riding with friends and Live Tracking for safety, and you get all this on multi-day outings too thanks to the claimed 36 hour battery capacity. 

2022 Bryton Rider S800 5

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Bryton kicked off its new performance line of GPS cycle computers with the £259 Rider S500 in January, and now the brand has topped out the range with the all-new S800 which costs £339.99.

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Designed with a 3.4” large display, the Rider S800 uses MIP (Memory In Pixel) technology with an internal reflection layer which, according to Bryton, provides a better outdoor viewing experience without screen shadow. 

The extra wide MIP display with a narrow bezel is designed to provide both high-contrast readability and a high screen ratio.

The display panel’s technology is claimed to optimise power efficiency, and with this Bryton has been able to extend the battery life to as much as 36 hours. Without viewing map pages, the Bryton claims the Rider S800 can even be used for more than 40 hours of continuous use. 


The Rider S800 should cover you for exploring with its navigation functionality, including turn-by-turn and route-guidance on pre-installed regional OSM maps. Other useful-sounding features are auto-rerouting, on-screen points of interest (POI), reverse saved rides and route retracing.

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With the Bryton Active app you can plan your own or sync third party routes, as well as add custom POIs and peak information to rides.

Bryton’s new Explore feature also gives you the option to go wild. You need to select how far you would like to ride and then Bryton will generate up to three routes from your current location. Strava also has a similar feature on its app. 

For quickly searching addresses or POIs while riding, the Rider S800 supports Google voice search to eliminate the need for on-screen keyboards.


The Rider S800 is designed to cover you for training too, with its graphical workout overview, real-time intensity adjustment, TrainingPeaks support, resilience workout mode and workout notes feature which adds notes from the Bryton Active app or TrainingPeaks. 

Along with workouts added to your calendar appearing on the Rider S800 after syncing, workouts from third party sites can also be saved to ‘My Workouts’ and be edited directly from the Bryton Active app.

To really drill into your efficiency and performance, the S800 now comes with Cycling Dynamics, providing you with advanced data on seated/standing position, power phase, platform centre offset and right/left balance after pairing with compatible power meter pedals. This brings the Bryton's offering in line with Garmin.

Like the Rider S500, the device comes with Bryton’s Climb Challenge feature which is designed to help you pace your efforts up climbs on the ride. When approaching a climb, the Rider S800 will change to the Climb Section screen, providing an overview of a route's climb segments. 

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The Climb Challenge screen also features a graphical summary with multiple climbs, colour climb segments, distance, altitude and ascent, and start and end points.

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Group Ride

Bryton has a Group Ride feature which allows you to invite your friends to a group and see live updates for group members on your route right from your device. 

To create your own personal Group Ride on the Bryton Active app you can set a custom name, set a start time and for auto start. You can set the route for everyone to follow and share the unique code to event friends to join the ride. 


The Rider S800 also has a live tracking feature for sharing your real-time location, speed, ride time and trip distance with friends and family. By generating a sharing link on your phone you can send this through any messaging app. You can also opt in for invitations to be auto-sent via email to desired contacts for added convenience. 


The Bryton Rider S800 is being initially released with two different sensor bundle packages, starting at £339.99 for the basic “E” bundle (device, protective case, screen protector, sport mount and safety lanyard) and £409.99 for the sensor “T” bundle, which also includes three BLE/ANT+ sensors (device, protective case, screen protector, sport mount, safety lanyard, as well as speed, cadence and heart rate sensors).

To put that price in perspective, the smaller bundle is cheaper than Hammerhead's Karoo 2 which costs £359 and Garmin's Edge 1030 which is priced at £499.99.

Does the Bryton Rider S800 deliver all you need for exploring and training purposes, but at this lower price point? We have one on the way and so we'll be letting you know our thoughts soon... 

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huntswheelers | 1 year ago

Too big unit for me but it has the superb Bryton software and hardware of the R750 and S500 units..... brilliant to use, fab battery life too...... nice addition

visionset | 1 year ago

But it is more than an 830 that can be had for under £300 and last bryton I had was quirky and flakey as hell. I'm out

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