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Find past Strava activities on a single map with new Find That Ride website

New website lets you easily browse previous activities to find rides in a specific area

Find That Ride is a new website that populates a map with all of your activities and Strava routes, allowing you to browse and click on specific activities that are linked back to their original Strava page. The idea is that this format, which is not offered by Strava, can help you find previous rides. 

Find That Ride 3

Strava does have its personal heatmap which allows you to visualise what ground you’ve covered. Orange heat represents your hottest/most ridden routes while grey heat is used for your least popular routes. However these heat lines are separate from your activities along with the data and photos you can have attached to the completed ride. 

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Michigan-based cyclist and creator of Find That Ride, Jeff Plotzke, said: “I've always wanted a way in Strava to be able to search for previous activities by browsing a map, as there are many times where I remember that I did a ride in a certain area, but don't remember when I was there. 

“Searching in Strava, unless you know the exact date or title of an activity, can be frustrating.”

How can Find That Ride help? Well, Plotzke says, “I find that I use this when planning out new routes and referencing old routes to send to others.” 

To help you find a ride, you can filter the map based on activity type, month/year, solo/group activity and even the specific bike that you used during the activity. 

Find That Ride’s heatmap is red but when you click on a line it’ll change that line and the whole route you completed to blue, and it also gives details on the date and activity name along with a link to the activity on Strava. If you’ve ridden along that road you've selected multiple times it’ll display the activities from all rides.

First up, you’ll need a premium Strava account and then after linking your profile, you can view this interactive map of all of your activities. You can also filter based on activity type, month/year, solo/group activity and even the specific bike that you used during the activity. 

Find That Ride - 2

As part of connecting your Strava account to Find That Ride, you have to allow Find That Ride to “view data about your public profile”, but you can untick “view data about private activities”, “view your complete Strava profile” and more, so you can still tailor to your privacy preferences. 

The free version of Find That Ride allows access to 50 of your last activities. Find That Ride asks users to “help keep this site ad-free and support the hosting costs of this site with a membership and have access to all of your activities and routes” - this costs just $5.00 (~£3.80) per year.

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the infamous grouse | 2 years ago

a strava-only method is to find a segment on the route you're interested in, and then look up your results for that segment.

bbbean | 2 years ago

This sounds like a great service, but I'm getting a 500 Server error when I try to link it to Strava.

visionset | 2 years ago

I think the publicity has all got a bit too much for it 

STATO | 2 years ago

Its a nice functionality that im surprised Strava dont offer. I get this through though, which is £10 per year but offers a lot more than just the find my ride map with detailed ride data, its elevation profile functions are even used by pro-tour teams! 

S13SFC replied to STATO | 2 years ago
1 like

VeloViewer is an excellent resource and well worth £10.

matt_cycles replied to S13SFC | 2 years ago

Another vote for VeloViewer 🙋🏻. Excellent value for money and got me addicted to tile hunting.

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