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Bags and sunnies for cycling from Rapha, Apidura, Chrome Industries, Tifosi and Jack Wolfskin

We've got four cool bags and a pair of neat shades on test right now, so here's what you need to know about them before the full reviews land

Although some of us are not having to commute because of a summer holiday or permanently working from home, finding that really good commuting rucksack is still a quest that many of us face. You want enough space, but not too much, and you want the bag to not leave your back all sweaty. So, here are four of the bags we're currently testing, and a pair of sunglasses to complete the bunch.

These reviews are dropping in the near future, but for bags that we've already reviewed, check out our reviews page. To browse the ones that scored top marks, head over to recommends

Chrome Industries Ruckas Backpack 23L - £105

2023 Chrome Industries Ruckas Backpack 23L - worn 4.jpg

Chrome Industries’ Ruckas 23L Backpack is a robust and adaptable urban backpack, that's at home on or off the bike. It has a 23-litre capacity and durable construction, including a weatherproof outer shell, and comes with claims of longevity and protection against the elements. 

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The interior comprises various compartments and pockets, including a padded laptop sleeve, facilitating organised storage and easy accessibility. 

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Jack Wolfskin Helsinki Rolltop - £115

2023 Jack Wolfskin Helsinki Rolltop - side.jpg

Jack Wolfskin’s Helsinki Rolltop has a rolltop closure, and it’s designed for ‘outdoor enthusiasts’, including cyclists. 

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The roll-top design allows for adjustable storage capacity based on individual needs, and the bag is made with durable materials to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Inside there are multiple compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve. The bag comes with ergonomic shoulder straps and a breathable back panel, which aim to make those backpack commutes that little bit less uncomfortable. 

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Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack - £90

2022 Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack - straps.jpg

Next up, we have the Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Backpack, a bag specifically designed for cyclists. This backpack offers a sleek and lightweight design, and 10 litres of space specifically crafted to meet the demands of professional riders.

Despite the pro rider target market, the Pro Team Lightweight Backpack comes with multiple compartments and pockets, including a padded laptop sleeve, implying that this is still a bag for commuters, not for ultra-racers. You might also notice the two chest straps, which should further help keep the bag stable. And that lightweight bit in the name? It weighs a mere 332g, which we reckon might have something to do with it...  

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Apidura City Backpack - £130

Apidura City Backpack

Apidura’s City Backpack can take up to 20 litres of cargo, and it offers a very minimalistic design for urbanites. The construction is water-resistant, and the interior is equipped with multiple compartments and pockets, allowing for efficient organisation and easy access to belongings. The shoulder straps are padded and there's a chest strap, a key pocket on the side and an attachment option for a backlight. 

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Tifosi Rail Race Interchangeable Clarion Lens Sunglasses - £89.99

2023 Tifosi Rail Race Interchangeable Clarion Lens Sunglasses  - 1.jpg

Yes, these glasses are not a bag, but our five cool things include five items, so these shades made the selection! Tifosi Optics’ Rail Race Interchangeable Clarion Lens Sunglasses feature – as the name suggests – an interchangeable lens system.

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They come equipped with Clarion lenses, which are coated to enhance clarity and reduce glare, and provide 100% UV protection. The shades weigh only 32g thanks to the lightweight frame, which also boasts an ‘aerodynamic design’.

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