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LeMond's new Prolog e-bike has a March expected landing date for the UK

The new elegant e-bike from LeMond with integrated, clean lines throughout is not far away from UK customers

We may have said this before, but LeMond are back... this time as an e-bike brand, with the sleek new Prolog commuter, manufactured and assembled at the LeMond factory in Knoxville, Tennessee, expected to land in the UK by the end of March. 

2021 LeMond Prolog ebike 5

The rebirth of Lemond as an e-bike brand was announced back in September last year, with two bikes initially called the Daily and Dutch; but it appears the Daily is now called the Prolog (the Dutch is a step-through version) and these are the first photos of the Prolog prior to its landing on UK soil. With impressive integration and a lightweight build, the LeMond Prolog e-bike is said to be the result of “when a three-time Tour de France winner designs a bike for everyday use”.

2021 LeMond Prolog ebike 4

The Prolog blends a feathery design with clean lines, thanks to a hidden internal battery and sleek MAHLE X35+ motor in the rear hub.

2021 LeMond Prolog ebike 6

It also comes with fully-integrated LED lighting in the cockpit and seatstays and this hidden cabling is a feature throughout.

LeMond says this fast and lightweight machine weighs in at just 26lbs (11.79kg), which is impressive for an e-bike.

A performance oriented build comes as standard, with its Shimano GRX Hydraulic 1x11 drivetrain tubeless-compatible aluminium wheelset—and lets not overlook the Spurcycle bell.

2021 LeMond Prolog ebike 1

Higher spec models include Shimano’s Di2 electronic shifting drivetrain, as well as the LeMond LC30 carbon fibre wheelset with a snazzy carbon fibre basket and rack to match.

Starting at £4,350, the Prolog is available in three colourways: Blanc, Noir and Rosa.

2021 LeMond Prolog ebike 3

Will you be getting your hands on one of these as soon as they land on UK soil?

Added to this, there is some more news...

LeMond adds: "We're working on a range of road bikes which we will be able to show people later this year." More on this when we have the information.

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the infamous grouse | 3 years ago

nice integration, and bespoke mudgards available too. omgosh.

Sriracha | 3 years ago

I've seen lithium-ion batteries swell significantly, without bursting into flames or anything dramatic. Is this a concern when the battery is entombed in the structure of the frame?

the infamous grouse replied to Sriracha | 3 years ago
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there's not a lot of anecdotal evidence yet, but i've not read of any mahle battery packs swelling. presumably the charging curcuit is sophisticated enough to prevent this?

hawkinspeter replied to Sriracha | 3 years ago

I've not seen a swollen battery burst into flames either, but it can happen. The problem is that the built in safeguards have already been compromised when a battery starts to swell (outgassing), so the recommendation is to carefully remove it and dispose of it.

Ideally, there'd be a suitable access cover that would allow for a battery to swell without compromising the frame and to allow easy replacement. (Can't spot that on the bike, though)

Sriracha replied to hawkinspeter | 3 years ago

I just have visions of one of these bikes eviscerating itself in a ball of flames as the frame disintegrates underneath you on an alpine descent. Sort of Mad Max meets Alien.

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