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Is this the most bizarre drop handlebar you’ve ever seen? Plus more tech news from Strava, Trek, Canyon, DJI, Campagnolo, Lezyne, 3T + loads more

Check out new bikes, wheels, lights and clothing, plus a new action camera from DJI that looks set to take on GoPro...

We’ve got loads of news from the likes of Trek, Canyon, Campagnolo and Strava to tell you about, plus new bikes from 3T and Moots, but we’re starting with an innovative handlebar that comes with its own built-in hoods…

Is this the most bizarre drop handlebar you’ve ever seen?

With the UCI World Championships, including track cycling, taking place in Glasgow right now, Speeco has announced a new TR-E (Track Endurance) handlebar with hoods built in purely for aerodynamics.

2023 Speeco TR-E handlebar - 2

Speeco is the Dutch brand that brought its Aero Breakaway Bar (ABB) to the world a couple of years ago – a design that the UCI promptly ruled to be against regulations. The ABB has hugely exaggerated forward extensions designed to support your forearms in a horizontal position, allowing you to adopt a time trial arm position on a road bike.

> UCI says Speeco’s radical Aero Breakaway Bar contravenes rules in latest statement

Speeco says that the new TR-E handlebar came out of the ABB design.

2023 Speeco TR-E handlebar - 4

“After launching the ABB there was a call for a UCI-legal track version,” says Speeco. “In the process, we found that similar support can be achieved with a super-long airfoil. One specific ABB prototype with interchangeable grips enabled us to go through as many different grips as possible.”

Of course, track bikes don’t have brakes or gears so there are no controls mounted to the handlebar. However, Speeco has added hoods anyway, while incorporating a long reach and a very deep profile to the top sections. The idea is that you can grip the hoods with your hands and use the extensive area behind to support your wrists and forearms.

The hoods are tilted inwards to minimise your frontal area. The distance between the top of the hoods (centre to centre) is just 250mm.

2023 Speeco TR-E handlebar - 3

The drops are unusual too.

Speeco asks, “Why should a track bar's drops be round? By shaping them rectangular it gives far more grip, and the compact drops of 100mm help lock you in when you are suffering.”

Speeco says the TR-E bar is super-stiff and comes with “padding material and grip tape to help you perfect your bars”.

It’s made from aluminium alloy and Speeco claims a weight of 380g. As for the price… well, you’re looking at €1,100, which converts to about £950.

2023 Speeco TR-E handlebar - 1 (1)

Is the UCI happy with Speeco’s new design?

“It passed UCI inspection yesterday at the World Champs, so [Dutch rider] Marit Raaijmakers will use it in Glasgow, which also means it’s allowed for use in Paris 2024,” said Noah van Horen, owner of Speeco.

Find out more here 

Strava explains new tool for calculating CO2 savings

Last week, we told you that Strava has quietly introduced a tool that estimates the amount of CO2 you’ve saved by commuting by bike or foot rather than car, and now it has officially launched the new feature and explained how it is calculated. 

2023 Strava CO2 saved - 1 (1)

Strava says:

Carbon savings are calculated by: activity mileage divided by average MPG (from the 2021 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report) = number of gallons saved, then multiplied by the standard figure for pounds of carbon emitted per gallon of gas [petrol], then converted to kg of carbon.

The figure is always going to be approximate, then, and doesn’t consider that your alternative might have been to take public transport, for example.

Strava says that by introducing the new metric it “hopes to influence more of its global community of over 100 million users to choose less carbon-intensive means of commuting”. 

Find out more here 

Will DJI’s new Osma Action 4 be the best action cam out there?

DJI has just debuted its Osma Action 4 camera, the original version having impressed us mightily when we reviewed it in 2019. Our man Dave gave it a score of 9/10 and said: “Excellent video quality and great stabilisation from a high-quality action camera”. Fingers crossed that the new version is equally awesome.

2023 DJI Osmo Action 4 action cam - 1

> Read our review of the original DJI Osmo Action camera 

“Osmo Action 4 combines striking image quality and unrivalled camera flexibility,” says DJI. “Equipped with a powerful 1/1.3in image sensor, wide f/2.8 aperture, and 2.4μm-equivalent pixel size it can shoot 4K/120fps and provides a 155° ultra-wide FOV [field of view], allowing you to capture shots loaded with exceptional detail, even in low light.”

The Osma Action 4 boasts way, way more features than we can possibly list here, but DJI promises “stable and high-quality imagery” – which is what most about the original – and a battery that allows you to film for over 2.5 hours. You can charge that battery to 80% in 18 minutes.

2023 DJI Osmo Action 4 action cam - 2

A sample DJI Osmo Action 4 has just arrived here at HQ so we’ll give you all the details on the performance in our review.

The Osmo Action 4 Standard Combo retails for £379, while a Mini Handlebar mount (above) is £35.

Find out more here

Check out the £19k Speedmax CFR Track: “the fastest Canyon ever”

Canyon has unveiled its new Speedmax CFR Track, developed in collaboration with Swiss Side, and Chloé Dygert has already ridden it to a gold medal at the World Championships in Glasgow. It’s an extraordinary-looking bike – about as angular as you can imagine – but who cares about appearances when medals are concerned? It’s priced at £18,999. Ah! On the plus side, you can pay in six monthly instalments of £3,166.50, so there’s that.

2023 Canyon Speedmax Track - 2

Prepare yourself for some more numbers: the German brand says the new Speedmax CFR Track is the result of 442 supercomputer runs, 312 wind tunnel analyses, and 155 hours of track testing.

Speedmax is the name that Canyon gives to its time trial and triathlon bikes but the Track version is very different.

“Proven at the highest echelons of triathlon, the Speedmax served as the perfect foundation, but we went back to the drawing board and collaborated extensively with our aerodynamics partners, Swiss Side, to ensure every aspect of this bike was sculpted for supreme aero efficiency at the exceptionally high speeds and unique conditions of the velodrome,” said Daniel Heyder, Canyon’s Team Manager Product Management Road.

Canyon says that all tube profiles and junctions have been “fine-tuned to slice through the air with unparalleled efficiency”. It reports that multiple World Champion Chloe Dygert and the Danish national track cycling team were involved in the development process.

2023 Canyon Speedmax Track - 1

“In its standard configuration, the bike is optimised for solo events, boasting Canyon's own outstanding disc wheelset, designed in collaboration with Swiss Side for unparalleled aerodynamics and boasting the huge stiffness levels required to deal with the incredible forces generated on the velodrome,” says Canyon.

The bike’s Pro Extension cockpit is designed to put the rider into an aero position, but you can use a standard drop bar with Canyon’s Bunch Handlebar Kit.

The Canyon Speedmax CFR Track comes equipped with top-end components like an SRM Origin Track power meter, Kappstein Pro Line Elite chainrings, and Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR tyres.

Find out more here 

Moots unveils Routt CRD gravel bike that’s built for speed

US titanium bike brand Moots has introduced a new gravel bike called the Routt CRD (Complete Race Design) that’s designed squarely for speed.

2023 Moots Routt CRD gravel bike - 1

Moots says, “The new Routt CRD enters the line-up as our flagship gravel race bike meant for speed across gravel and broken road surfaces while maintaining legendary Moots ride quality.

“It continues to improve efficiency where power enters the bike around the bottom bracket and dropouts while isolating the rider with lighter tubing both in the seatstays and top tube for those all-day rides.”

2023 Moots bar and stem - 1

The Routt CRD uses a T47 threaded bottom bracket and the back end features UDH (universal derailleur hanger) compatibility. Up front, you get Moots’ all-new integrated cockpit and an updated version of Moots’ gravel fork with internal routing. Moots says that the Routt CRD is optimised for 40-42mm tyres.

Moots’ UK distributor Saddleback doesn’t yet have prices or details on availability. For what it’s worth, we can tell you that a Routt CRD frameset (frame, fork, headset, Moots handlebar and stem, Chris King bottom bracket) is $8,888. That converts to around £7,000, although the actual UK price could be very different, of course.

Find out more here 

Campagnolo Ghibli 0.9 disc wheel debuts at World Champs

GHIBLI 09 fondo nero-2 disc wheel Campagnolo

Italian riders are using a new tubeless Campagnolo Ghibli 0.9 disc wheel at the World Championships in Glasgow.

The Ghibli 0.9 is a cutting-edge disc wheel that the Italian brand says will "make every rider ride faster". With a reduced camber angle and sleek design, Campag says the Pista Ghibli 0.9 offers unparalleled aerodynamic performance. 

Campag says, “This presents a smaller frontal profile to the air, resulting in a decrease in drag and an increase in speed. And free speed at that.”

The Ghibli 0.9’s C21 bed allows for the use of tubeless tyres ranging from 23mm to 28mm which, according to Campagnolo, provide greater smoothness and safety compared to traditional tubular configurations, as well as being easier to install and maintain. The frictionless seal on the Campagnolo C.U.L.T. bearings should also enhance rolling levels.

Campagnolo supplies the Italian Cycling Federation’s (FCI) sprint and endurance squads with these wheels and we can see them debut at the World Champs in Scotland. Of course, if you want to buy yourself some speed, you can. The disc wheel will set you back €3,418.

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That's nut gonna end well

You've heard of people getting in the spring miles, right? 


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Urwahn collaborates with Trickstuff and Beast on new gravel e-bike


Urwahn, Trickstuff and Beast have collaborated to create a new gravel e-bike, combining their innovations and expertise. The bike is built around Urwahn's 3D-printed Softride steel frame, and it features a rearward deflected seat tube which “elastically suspends the rear wheel, providing comfortable shock absorption”. In essence, there is no traditional seat tube. The frame features an eye-catching powder-coated colourway that shifts from dark purple to black depending on the light.

The bike also includes Trickstuff's C22 brake system, crafted using 3D printing, and additional 3D-printed components by TRUMPF. Beast's contribution includes its carbon fibre Hybrid Bar and the GR40 wheelset, specifically designed for gravel use. The e-bike is equipped with a Lauf Grit suspension fork.

Urwahn gravel e-bike

When it comes to the e-bike aspect of this gravel weapon, the bike is running a Mahle ebikemotion X35 rear hub motor with 40 N m of torque, paired with a 250W battery.

There are plenty of options to customise this gravel e-bike and it’s available for around €8,499 (around £7,325).

Find out more here

Lezyne launches all-new LED lights

Lezyne LED rear

Lezyne has unveiled a new range of LED cycling lights. Each light features a waterproof USB-C charging port, "advanced optical lens design", increased battery capacity, and improved heat dissipation, according to Lezyne.

Lezyne LED front

The range includes front lights with 500 to 1400 lumen of power, and prices range from $50 to $100 (UK prices have yet to be confirmed). The 1400-lumen Macro Drive 1400 provides a huge 300-hour runtime in daytime flash mode. The rear lights provide 150 to 400 lumens and range from $30 to $60 in price. There is also a helmet light with 1200 lumen max power and a 60-hour running time. 

The new LED product line is available now in the USA, with global availability starting in late August or early September 2023.

Find out more here

3T’s new Ultra Boost e-bikes offer whopping mileage

3T has announced two new e-bikes – the Ultra Boost for gravel and the Ultra Boost Urban for… well, you can work that one out for yourself. These models offer the generous tyre clearance of 3T’s existing Exploro Ultra – 42mm on 700c tyres, 60mm on 650b – along with an impressive battery life.

2023 3T Ultra Boost Dropbar - 1 (1)

The bikes use the Mahle X-20 rear hub drive system which provides 55 N m of torque and a 350Wh battery capacity.

“With relatively gentle power management, a rider under 75kg on a hilly fast gravel/paved route can comfortably ride more than 150km (93 miles) with 2,000m of elevation gain (considering the EU 25km/h 15.5mph speed limit),” says 3T.

“This is possible without compromising the handling and pedalling experience of a ‘standard bike’ since the weight is only around 12kg for the lightest assembly.”

Range can be increased further with a battery extender on the seat tube. This gives an extra 173Wh while adding 1.1kg.

2023 3T Ultra Boost Flatbar - 1 (1)

The Dropbar version of the Ultra Boost, fitted with a SRAM Rival XPLR AXS 1x12 groupset, is designed to be performance-orientated while the Flatbar Ultra Boost Urban, fitted with a SRAM Force D1 AXS 1x12 groupset, is a more relaxed, upright fit. Both are available with 700c or 650b wheels. Whichever of these options you go for, the price is £6,173.

The Flatbar version is also available with an upgrade from alloy to 3T i28 carbon rims for £7,203.

Find out more here 

Mission Workshop adds limited edition Flow Cycling Collection

Mission Workshop Flow collection

San Francisco-based Mission Workshop has announced the release of its latest collection called “Flow Cycling Collection”. The limited edition clothing is said to pay homage to the exhilarating places bikes can take you, and features Mission Pro bib shorts and a Mission Pro jersey, adorned with graphics "inspired by high-speed movement through desert and forest landscapes".

The Flow Bib is priced at £241 while the Flow Jersey retails for £158.

Find out more here

Trek extends stunning new Project One Icon finishes across road range

Remember the super-cool new finishes that Lidl-Trek riders had on their bikes at the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes?

2023 Trek Project One Icon - 1

They’re now available across all road bikes included in Trek’s Project One custom programme

2023 Trek Project One Icon - 2

The eight paint schemes were previously available on the Madone and Émonda, and that’s now extended to cover the Checkpoint, Domane, Domane+, and Speed Concept platforms.

Find out more here 

Chrome introduces Kadet Max shoulder bag

US-based Chrome Industries has unveiled the Kadet Max, an up-sized version of the existing Kadet Sling Bag, that’s designed as the “ultimate water-resistant toolbelt for taking on the city boldly”.

2023 Chrome Kadet - 1

“Boasting an expansive 15-litre capacity, this versatile shoulder bag is ideal for when you need to go large, featuring thoughtful interior tech organisation and a padded laptop sleeve designed to carry tablets and laptops up to 15in,” says Chrome.

“Equipped with Chrome’s iconic quick-release aluminium buckle with bottle opener, plus removable sternum strap for additional stability, the Kadet Max features a reversible, padded shoulder strap for convenient left or right carry.”

2023 Chrome Kadet - 2

You also get a zipped external pocket and cargo straps for adding accessories.

The Kadet Max is available in several versions priced from £130 to £150. We’ve requested one for review here at

Find out more here

De Marchi introduces Leggera Eco jersey

DeMarchiLeggeraEcoJersey (2)

De Marchi’s latest jersey, the Leggera Eco, is a lightweight and sustainable option made of microfibre from recycled materials. Designed for hot summer rides, it claims to offer excellent ventilation and quick-drying properties and is dyed with natural pigments. De Marchi says this reflects its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The jersey is available in both women’s and men’s fits and retails for £89. 

Find out more here

Feedback Sports introduces Range Click Torque Wrench

Feedback Sports has introduced a new Range Click Torque Wrench to replace the excellent model we reviewed here on

2023 Feedback Sports Range Click Torque Wrench - 1

Feedback says the Range Click Torque Wrench provides a “solid, tactile click-torque function, a wide measurement range, user-friendly ergonomics, and shop-quality fit and finish”.

The dual-sided window display scale is designed to allow easy usability with either hand.

It has a range of 2-14 N m – which covers most bike applications – and comes with 13 S2 tool steel bits and a protective TPU case.

Feedback says the Range Click Torque Wrench is accurate to within +/- 4% for 4,000 cycles.

We’ve requested a sample for review here on Saddleback, Feedback’s UK distributor, expects stock towards the end of August. The price will be £125.

Find out more here  

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