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Sidi's shoe dials head into space, Canyon/Cnyn lnchs CLLCTV strtwr cllctn, Wattshop's £1,800 tt bars, 'cleat locks' for trackies + loads more tech news

This week, Canyon is too cool for vowels, Insta360 has taken its vid quality up a notch, Sidi shoots for the moon and we've got more sumptuous cycling tech news from DT Swiss, J.Laverack, Basso and Fizik

It's been another week filled with cycling tech news, and that means we've got a lot to tell you about. There's Insta360's new GO 3S which now captures things in 4K, while Canyon's CLLCTV streetwear collection/strtwr cllctn is here to reignite the chat about why vowels may actually be quite useful. Meanwhile, Sidi's shoe dials are blasting off to the International Space Station to help astronauts combat microgravity, and there are some fresh BKOOL platform updates, including a game-changing pause-and-resume feature. To get all the juicy details on those stories and more, keep on reading... 

NASA astronauts will be enjoying Sidi's shoe dials in space

Totw pictures (1)

We'll start with some intriguing news that we didn't expect to read this week - Sidi's acclaimed cycling shoe dial retention system is joining the SpaceX Crew-8 mission to the International Space Station (ISS), and the Italian brand is obviously over the moon about it. 

"It is absolutely exciting that Sidi closure systems have been chosen by NASA for a space mission", gushed Davide Rossetti, Sidi Sport's CEO. 

"In the '90s, by inventing the rotors, Sidi Sport changed the world of sports footwear and has not stopped improving them since. Our contribution to Expedition 71 represents a powerful incentive to improve further, to reach new milestones, and to support athletes in every challenge with our products." 

> Review: Sidi Sixty Road Shoes

As amusing as it might look, the Crew-8’s astronauts will not be floating around the International Space Station in cycling shoes, rather the dial system will be used as a closure system for 'venous-constriction cuffs' worn by astronauts on their thighs.

According to Sidi, these are "designed to counteract the effects of microgravity on the human body. [They] counteract microgravity’s effects on the human body, preventing fluid shifts that can alter vision, a condition known as Spaceflight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (SANS)." 

2023 Sidi Wire 2S - 1

So, it seems the cuffs are quite important, and well done to Sidi for making it to space. Originally designed by Dino Signori in the '60s for ski boots, Sidi’s dial system has been used in sports footwear since 1993. One small step for man, one giant leap for a proud Italian cycling shoe brand, then... 

Find out more here

Insta360 unveils GO 3S for capturing every cycling moment, now in 4K

Insta360 Go 3S Cycling

Insta360 has just introduced the Go 3S to its GO-series of tiny cameras. Building on the success of its predecessor, the GO 3, the GO 3S retains the same compact design but comes with a few significant upgrades, most notably 4K video resolution.

Insta360's GO camera has become known for its thumb-sized, super lightweight construction and the GO 3S maintains that, making it ideal for capturing moments on the go.

The GO 3S has a claimed weight of only 39g, and it can be mounted on helmets, handlebars, or worn on clothing, providing a hands-free experience. The new Interval Video mode allows for fully automatic shooting too, capturing moments without manual operation.

> Insta360 launches latest flagship action camera with 8k lens upgrade

In terms of image quality, the GO 3S brings a new level of clarity with the ability to capture 4K30fps video – an upgrade over the 2.7K resolution of the GO 3. It should also be faster to process things, as Insta360 says the new chip gives 50% more CPU power, and the new wide-angle lens ensures sharper and clearer videos.

There are also more features such as MegaView FOV and Dolby Vision-ready HDR to enhance the dynamic range and detail, while slow-motion capabilities up to 200fps at 1080p have been added for more dramatic shots. 

Insta360 Go 3S

The GO 3S continues to include features like compatibility with the Apple Find My network, waterproofing down to 33m, and AI-powered editing tools. Swapping between aspect ratios on the fly is said to have also been improved, and the new accessories that come with the GO 3S, such as the Magnet Pendant, Easy Clip, and Pivot Stand, should make mounting and capturing different angles easier. 

> Best bike cameras

The Insta360 GO 3S is available now and in the UK, the 64GB model is priced at £329.99, and the 128GB model at £359.99. There is also an option to purchase the camera standalone at lower prices for existing GO 3 users. 

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Cnyn lnchs CLLCTV strtwr cllctn

canyon cllctv streetwear

Does that make much sense? Nope! But what we're trying to convey, sans vowels, is that Canyon has launched its first-ever CLLCTV streetwear collection.

The first two drops (referring to the clothing line-ups, not the missing vowels) are called Core and Concrete College. These are "made to unite anyone who identifies with cycling culture under the CLLCTV banner", according to Canyon.

Designed by Koblenz-based (that's Canyon's hometown) designer TOME, Canyon says the collection's visuals draw inspiration from '90s subcultures. The Core collection offers 15 pieces, including t-shirts, hoodies and jackets, while the Concrete College collection comprises limited-edition items with a focus on sustainability.

canyon cllctv streetwear 2

The garments utilise fabrics such as T400, which should enhance their durability, and while the fit is suitable for riding, these are still more steered towards off-the-bike wear. For the on-bike apparel, already has an existing lineup of performance cycling which saw a more thorough revamp last year. 

With the launch of this more casual apparel line-up, Canyon said its "vision is to become the ultimate streetwear brand for young riders and beyond, by combining their lifestyle and​ passion for adventure through riding and street fashion".

It's hardly alone in wanting to create more casual wear for dedicated cyclists, as brands such as Rapha, Maap and Castelli all have their casual line-ups for us cyclists who don't really know what to wear when we're not in Lycra (or any other sort of cycling kit!)

Both collections are available now on Canyon's website. 

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BKOOL introduces major updates to its virtual cycling platform following Zwift price hike


In response to Zwift’s recent price hike, BKOOL has launched a bunch of updates, including a revamped website and the BKOOL Spin Studio app. The standout feature, according to BKOOL, is the ability to pause and resume activities for example on the following day. The Spanish company says this is a first in virtual cycling, and is useful for ultra-distance challenges. That might make not much sense, but much of BKOOL's appeal is that you ride actual routes, such as the Milano-San Remo or Strade Bianche - so the update allows you to do a bit on one day and jump back in the next.

> Get to know BKOOL

The updated platform also features a redesigned Events section, saying it'll allow for easier access to virtual race stages like the Giro d'Italia and the Deutschland Tour. Additionally, new routes with "high-definition video and 3D elements" have been added.

The new features are also included in BKOOL's free 30-day trial.

Find out more here

Scared of your bike getting stolen? Tile trackers aims to help with that

Tile bluetooth tracker

If Tile is new to you, it's a tracking 'tile' created by an American company – similar to Apple AirTags, but one that works without an Apple product. Now, the Tile products aren't exactly cycling-specific, but the brand says they are still good at protecting your bike from getting stolen. Or more likely, finding it in the unfortunate case it has been stolen.

> ​Five cool tech products to track your bike's whereabouts

Tile offers Bluetooth trackers in various shapes and sizes, and it says that for cyclists the best options are the Tile Mate (£19.99) and Tile Pro (£29.99), which can hang around handlebars and be removed after a ride. However, for a little stealthier theft prevention, the Tile Sticker (£24.99) looks like a better option. As the name suggests, this one can be stuck under the seat or inside the frame, and it's waterproof.

To find the Tiles (and your bike) you need the Tiles app which is available for iOS or Android. Similarly to AirTags, Tile doesn't use GPS for the trackers which relies on Tile Network to anonymously notify you when another Tile device comes within range of your bike. There's an Anti-Theft Mode for an extra layer of protection, making it harder for thieves to detect and remove the tracker.

It is worth saying though, that while the AirTag network is also limited in scope, it does have a lot more users than the Tile one, which might limit the tracker's usability. 

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Redshift introduces ShockStop PRO Endurance suspension seatpost with damping

Redshift ShockStop pro endurance suspension seatpost

Redshift has expanded its suspension seatpost line with the introduction of the ShockStop PRO Endurance Seatpost. The ShockStop PRO Endurance Seatpost is designed for riders seeking adjustable preload/stiffness, and active but damped travel.

Positioned between the original ShockStop seatpost and the PRO Race version, the PRO Endurance features a customisable dual-spring and elastomer suspension system that according to Redshift offers damping without hindering responsiveness. The new model offers the same 35mm of squish as the PRO Endurance, while the PRO Race is limited to 20mm. 

The new seatpost is up to 13% lighter (up to 74 grams) than the standard ShockStop Endurance Seatpost (depending on the length) and rider weight is limited to 110kg. It comes in 280mm and 350mm lengths and comes in 27.2mm diameter. 

The retail price sits at £279.99 and it's available now.

Find out more here

Fizik expands 3D printing tech to Aliante saddle

Fizik aliante adaptive 3D saddle1

Fizik has expanded its range of 3D-printed saddles with the Aliante Adaptive, available in R1 and R3 models. The Aliante is the brand's endurance saddle, and the Adaptive model continues to feature its waved profile that provides a gradual, tapered transition from the wing to the nose. According to Fizik, the slightly wider platform supports the sit bones, improving stability and weight distribution during longer rides. 

> Review: Fizik Vento Argo R3 Adaptive saddle

Using the 3D printed material has allowed the Italian brand to incorporate multiple different zones within the saddle, which should help in delivering a functioning combo of performance and comfort. 

Both the R1 and R3 come in two sizes: 145mm and 155mm. The R1 comes with carbon rails and a carbon-reinforced base and weighs 196g, whereas the R3 has the same carbon-reinforced nylon shell but Kium hollow rails and weighs 235g.

The R1 retails for £299.99 and the R3 for £259.99. 

Find out more here

Wattshop introduces Anemoi Mk2 Extension System

Totw pictures

WattShop has unveiled the Anemoi Mk2 Extension System, an advancement in aerodynamic performance, adjustability, integration, and customisation for cyclists and triathletes. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Mk2 introduces aerodynamic enhancements, including a new 46mm profile design and upgraded components, such as redesigned handgrips and 'Fixed Angled Risers'.

> WattShop release "aero optimised" Anemoi Aero TT Handlebar Extension System

These risers, available in five-degree increments, offer seamless integration and - according to WattShop - notable aerodynamic improvements.

The Mk2 system also includes an enhanced computer mount, available in single-sided or cross-brace versions, catering to different cockpit builds. 

The system is available for pre-order now on the WattShop website for a mere £1,820. 

Find out more here

DT Swiss now offers ARC Dicut aero wheels with 38mm rims


DT Swiss has added a new 38mm deep rim to its ARC Dicut aero road wheel range. The range previously included 50mm, 62mm and 80mm options, and the brand says the new shallower depth and 1,292g weight make these a great climbing wheelset. It is also 180g less than the next-lightest wheelset – the ARC 1100 Dicut 50 – in the lineup.

> Are expensive carbon wheels worth it? Testing deep carbon rims vs classic aluminium

The ARC 38 is available in both the ARC 1100 DICUT and ARC 1400 DICUT models and features a newly developed carbon layup and hooked bead design that ensures compatibility with tubeless-ready tyres.

ARC 1100 DICUT 38 is priced at £2,299.98, while the ARC 1400 DICUT 38 goes for £1,864.98.

Find out more here

Velobike's cleat locks aim to make track straps redundant

As the Olympic games draw closer, Velobike's cleat locks have been circulating on Instagram. Designed in collaboration with Cycling New Zealand for the Paris Olympics, these locks ensure that professional sprint track cyclists' feet are securely fastened to their pedals at all times without the need for pedal track straps which, admittedly, are also not as aero as these are. 

The cleat locks do require manual unlocking to un-clip, and that should eliminate any pedal pull and thus, enhance power transfer, according to Velobike. 

In terms of compatibility, Velobike says the Cleat Locks fit snugly into Shimano Dura-Ace pedals and are compatible with Shimano SPD-SL red cleats. Each set retails for £124. 

Find out more here

J.Laverack introduces new AM64 titanium frame technology  


J.Laverack has introduced a new AM64 titanium frame option to its range. AM64 denotes both ‘Additive Manufacturing’ and the grade of titanium alloy used; Ti-6Al-4V. The British bike maker said, "This exceptionally special material features a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it one of the world’s supermetals".

What does this mean, then? Well, you can now get any of the models in the J.Laverack range made with AM64, featuring 3D-printed components for the head tube, bottom bracket, seat lug and dropouts, resulting in a seamless-looking, very sleek bike. You might remember the stunning J.Laverack x Aston Martin bike, dubbed as  "the world’s first ‘boltless’ bicycle" – that was the inspiration for the brand to push some of the technologies used for that bike to the lets say, slightly more affordable options. 

“When we created the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R we pushed bicycle design and technology to the limit of what is possible. Over the four years it took us to develop the .1R we learned a great deal, and this is our first opportunity to apply some of that technology to our winning range of J.Laverack frames,” Oliver Laverack, co-founder, said.


Whether you get a gravel, road or MTB AM64 frame, it can be built up with a variety of component options, including suspension forks. The first AM64 frame J.Laverack has shown off is the AM64 GRiT frameset which Oliver Laverack himself rode at the Rapha Pennine rally. The first 50 commemorative frames of each model - J.ACK, GRiT, R J.ACK, CONTOUR and PiLOT will also be numbered.

The AM64 frames come with bespoke geometry and sizes range from 44cm to 64cm. Complete builds start at £9,745 featuring GRX or Ultegra Di2 groupsets, ÆRA carbon wheels, and ENVE carbon components. Frameset only costs £6,995. 

And as you might expect, there's a whole plethora of customisation options available to make the bike fit you perfectly. 

Find out more here

Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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NPlus1Bikelights | 1 month ago

Why is the one in the photo so unhidden? If Tile can stop leaking and getting data stolen because of poor IT practices I might get one. As it is I just deleted my account.

Marty2 | 1 month ago

Do trackers prevent bike theft or allow for bike recovery? Any evidence on that?

IanGlasgow | 1 month ago
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The current Tile range is very limited in function - I tried one on my bike and generally only knew where it was when my own phone connected to it.
I replaced it with a Vodafone Curve tracker which has been excellent, but Vodafone have decided to stop supporting the devices, so on Aug 1st it ceases to be a GPS tracker and just becomes a bike light. I won't be buying another Vodafone product.
For those who don't have an iPhone, the next generation of trackers are about to be released which used Google's Find My... network. I've successfully used this before to find a lost phone so I have some hope that it'll be better than Tile's limited network. Chipolo are currently offering pre-orders on devices that use this system.
Alternatively, there are a few Kickstarters for GPS trackers none of which have yet come to fruition. See.Sense changed the name of their AIr to Knowhere and are claiming they'll have it working soon. See.Sense are another company I've experienced poor customer service from so I won't be rushing to give them any money until they can demonstrate a working product.
Anyone know of any other trackers worth fitting to a bike?

fincon1 | 1 month ago

"It is absolutely exciting that Sidi closure systems have been chosen by NASA for a space mission", beamed Davide Rossetti, Sidi Sport's CEO. 

No, he didn't. He might have beamed after he spoke the words, but beaming in and of itself doesn't make any sound. 

mdavidford replied to fincon1 | 1 month ago
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He beamed it directly into the writer's brain.

WDG | 1 month ago
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The base on the Aliante adaptive is the same carbon reinforced nylon on the R1 and R3, the R1 isn't full carbon. It's only Fizik 00 models that get full carbon (with much higher prices).

festina | 1 month ago

Y isn't a vowel so Canyon san vowels would be Cnyn not Cnn.

mdavidford replied to festina | 1 month ago
Merriam Webster wrote:

Technically, this sound of \y\ is considered a semivowel I guess you'd need to have half a y between the ns.

Charles Chevaux replied to festina | 1 month ago

"Y" not?

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