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Pinarello launches new Dogma F MyWay customisation portal with up to 5,000 possible finishes

A mono, faded or cut graphic layout can be chosen, and there’s 27 different colour options too

Pinarello has opened up its new MyWay customisation portal for the Dogma F road racing bike, which uses 3D gaming technology for an “incredibly immersive experience”.  The new MyWay system has been introduced to allow cyclists to choose from three different graphic layouts – mono, faded, and cut – along with 27 different colours, three types of decals, and a gloss or matt finish. 

2022 Pinarello MyWay 10

With the use of 3D gaming technology, Pinarello claims the customisation portal offers the “most realistic experience currently available”. 

2022 Pinarello MyWay 1

“Every custom frame can then be considered a work of art, as each unique design is recreated by hand by the skilled craftsmen at Pinarello’s headquarters in Villorba, Treviso,” says the brand.

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Due to the technical difficulty of reproducing the MyWay designs, Pinarello says that only its “best and most experienced painters” work on the projects, with most having more than 30 years’ experience.

Pinarello explains how the custom-painted work is done: “The process starts with the careful preparation of each frame. The first coating is meticulously hand polished to create a perfectly smooth and flat surface, free from any pores that could disrupt the final finish. 

2022 Pinarello MyWay 8

“Once the surface is perfectly smooth, the frame is moved to the painting department where it gets thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the painting.

2022 Pinarello MyWay 9

“The frame is then precisely wrapped and taped before any secondary layers of paint are applied.

2022 Pinarello MyWay 2

“Then, after removing the protective films, the finishing details and shading are all carefully applied with the use of an air brush and a precision spray gun. It’s a job that only the most expert painters are qualified to do.”

2022 Pinarello MyWay 5

Each step is said to require several hours of drying and curing time, making it a lengthy and demanding process. 

Once painting is completed, a gloss or matt finish is applied and a transparent protective film. 

The final step is adding new “Decaplus” decals, which Pinarello explains are baked onto the frame. 

“These have been specially designed to reduce weight when compared to undercoating decals, and they also allow us to produce an incredibly smooth surface while also using a beautiful range of colours, such as these metallic decals,” says the brand.

2022 Pinarello MyWay 4

After that, Pinarello says all that remains is a final check and clean before the frame is ready to go for a full technical inspection around all screws, threads and the seatpost closure, before being fully assembled. 

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Pinarello’s customisation offering joins the likes of well-established portals such as Orbea’s MyO with over 1.5 million colour combinations, and Ribbe’s CustomColour within its BikeBuilder which gives you the option to choose from a palette of 35 colours, add gradients and mix fades.

Prices and availability

Custom-painted Dogma F bikes can be created and ordered in limited quantities from one of Pinarello’s official global retailers.

Initial availability is said to be limited; however, subject to the date on which the order is placed, MyWay frame orders are expected to be delivered between March and July 2022 in the UK. 

The costs for the new MyWay finishes are as follows:

  • MyWay Standard Finish: £650.00
  • MyWay Borealis Finish: £1,100.00
  • MyWay Talon Bar/Stem: £250.00

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