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Vittoria releases Corsa PRO limited-edition 'golden' tyres to celebrate the "winningest tyre of 2023"... priced at 299 euros a pair

These gold(ish)-walled tyres are limited in number and attainable for even fewer, with Vittoria deciding the special edition version of a tyre used in 59 Grand Tour victories this year deserved a special price tag to match

Vittoria is celebrating its victorious past year by introducing a limited-edition version tyre - the Corsa PRO Gold - based on the cotton Corsa PRO tyre released earlier this year. The special edition tyre comes adorned with golden sidewalls (well that's how the Italian brand is describing them, anyway) and a pack will set you back 299 euros/around 257 British pounds.

There will be 2,023 packs of the Corsa PRO Gold available globally, with each gold-coloured pack containing a pair of tyres. This means that only a small number of people will secure a set, and possibly even fewer can justify the price. Hand-numbered and featuring a serial number on the inner side, each double-pack of Corsa PRO Gold Limited Edition is priced at €299. 

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2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro gold special edition tyres2
We've seen golder gold, to be honest

The Corsa PRO Gold Limited Edition is made exclusively in the tubeless-ready version, and in one 700x28c size. Its 320 TPI cotton casing promises suppleness, flexibility, and comfort, while the Graphene + Silica compound focuses on speed, durability and grip.  

The Gold tyres are a celebration of the dozens of victories that Vittoria-sponsored riders have chalked up this year in prestigious races like Milano-Sanremo, Paris-Roubaix, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, La Vuelta, and the Road World Championships in 2023. In total, the Corsa PRO tyres (or the riders who were using them, to be more precise) clinched 59 tour stages and 14 one-day races, and contributed to eight General Classification wins.

2023 Vittoria Corsa Pro gold special edition tyres3

Are these tyres on your money-no-object Christmas list this year? If you know a generous person willing to get you a pair, or just want to indulge yourself with some sort-of gold tyres to impress your mates in the new year, head over to Vittoria's website and hope you get there before 2,023 other well-heeled cyclists... 

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kil0ran | 3 months ago

Here's hoping they don't crack at the edge of the tread like usual.

Bigfoz | 3 months ago

As a loyal and enthusuastic user of Vittoria products (Open Paves are still the best tyre ever!), just no. Ludicrous.

Sredlums | 3 months ago

Cycling elitism at its best. And by best, I mean worst.

As an aside, do y'all think I could buy my GF a pair of rubber earrings and sell it off as gold?

Destroyer666 | 3 months ago

Vittoria can top the win list with my "dumbest cycling product of the year" award.

wtjs | 3 months ago
1 like

All they need to do now is offer to the gullible a photo of the 'special' tyre as a pricey NFT!

OnYerBike | 3 months ago
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One of these pictures is the gold tyre (from the article above). The other is other the standard Corsa Pro (taken from another website/review). Spot the difference.

Xenophon2 | 3 months ago

I'll do you all a favor and not stake claim to a pair.  More for you, yay!

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