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Welcome back!

You may be amazed to hear this but I have been busy training recently. The Rutland sportive is less than a month away and I have been trying to ensure that I can sustain a reasonable pace over the 50 mile distance.

I have also been working on my own site (which I wont plug again on here) and deciding whether or not to form my own club for next season. Throw in loads of work and not much time for

Hopefully things are calming down a bit now and we can get back to blogging about the key issues in cycle sport.

I have been delighted to see that "The Tour Series" will be coming to my home town of Peterbough this summer.

For those of you who know the area you may remember Malcolm Elliott roming home in 1991 on this circuit...'s hoping that same route will be used this time out.

So plenty has happened and there is plenty more to talk about.

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