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Video: Six of the Best 2021 Aluminium Bikes

Here are six of the best aluminium bikes as ridden and reviewed by our independent testers

Aluminium is, unfairly in our view, often labelled as a lesser frame material to the fancier-sounding carbon fibre. But that isn’t strictly true and in many cases, a good quality aluminium frame will provide a far nicer riding experience than a cheap carbon frame.

You can generally get a lot more for your money when buying an aluminium bike and better components or wheels is generally worth picking over the allure of the fancier-sounding carbon fiber.

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Carbon fiber's recent popularity has been driven, in part, by the perception that aluminium frames are overly harsh. But this is only half true. Years ago, when aluminium was becoming popular as a frame-building material, it is true that to achieve the stiffness that is required for a race bike, aluminium frames did end up being a bit uncomfortable to ride.

Now, however, manufacturers are pushing aluminium with construction methods like hydroforming, giving us tube shapes that are tuned to deliver great stiffness without the harsh ride.

We still love a good aluminium bike and there are plenty of options out there. Here though, we take a look at six of the very best that we have ridden and reviewed recently on Do you agree with our choices? As ever, we're keen to hear your opinion on both our selection and aluminium bikes in general. So leave a comment down below.

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Condor Italia RC Disc - £4,675

2020 Condor Italia RC Disc - riding 3.jpg

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Trek Emonda ALR 5 Disc - £1,775

Trek Emonda ALR 5 Disc riding -1.jpg

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Triban RC520 Women’s Disc - £749.99

Triban RC520 Women's Disc Road Bike - riding 4.jpg

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Cannondale CAAD13 Disc 105 - £1,899.99

Cannondale CAAD13 105 Disc riding-8.jpg

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Canyon Endurace AL 7.0 Disc - £1,599


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Specialized Allez Sprint Comp - £2,200

Specialized Allez Sprint Comp riding-1.jpg

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