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Woman wins charity award after towing dog 5,000 miles around coast of Britain

4.3 stone dog a heavy weight but great comfort on epic charity challenge

A woman who cycled 5,000 miles around the coast of Great Britain towing her faithful golden retriever has won an award for her efforts to fundraise for a blood cancer charity.

Maggie Scorer, who was raising cash for Bloodwise (formerly known as Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) and stillborn charity Sands, spent six months exploring the nooks and crannies of the coast, and in doing so generated more than £23,500 in donations.

She chose the charities closest to her heart, after giving birth to a stillborn baby in 1977, and having a son-in-law diagnosed with myelofibrosis.

“It was an amazing journey around an extraordinary country,” Maggie told the East Anglian Daily Times.

“It’s quite difficult to readjust after being away for that period of time. It’s a lot to take in, but I’m very satisfied we did it.

“I hope to have inspired people, particularly of my age group.

“I’ve been asked what made me keep going, but I couldn’t possibly have given up. Even in the cold and rain, and the times when no one else was around, I had to keep going.”

Matt Lawley, head of sports at Bloodwise, said: “We are delighted to present this award to Maggie.

“What she achieved this year on her bike, particularly given the elements she had to battle with at times, is remarkable. “She thoroughly deserves recognition for her support, as does Oscar, who I know was a huge comfort to Maggie throughout her long challenge.”

Completely alone, apart from the company of Oscar, who rode in a trailer, and adding an extra 4.3 stone to Maggie’s load, Maggie navigated the tough route, blogging as she went.

She said: “I am not 20 any more so I will take it easy, be careful and have regular days off to give my body a rest. I’m trying to safeguard against injury and build up my muscles and stamina but not overdoing the training.

“I realise I’ve got to start off slowly and pace myself. One thing I would like to do on the trip is visit as many light houses as I can, but I know they will not all be accessible by bike.

As we reported before she set off, the challenge was not to be taken lightly.

Maggie said: “I am looking forward to it but it is mixed with a lot of apprehension. It is a huge undertaking, especially on my own, and it is tinged with a little bit of sadness because I won’t be seeing my grandchildren so regularly. But hopefully they will come up and join me sometime on the trip.

“I know there will be some dark darks when I think: ‘What on earth am I doing?’. But as long as I have accommodation at the end of the day I’ll be ok and it will be an incredible journey.”

To add your donation to Maggie’s total, click here.


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StraelGuy | 8 years ago

I've just donated a fiver, what a brilliant achievement laugh.

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