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BTwin Bonanza as Decathlon takeover the DealCatcher

The folks over at Decathlon have some stellar deals in today's DealCatcher; BTwin, Shimano, Mavic, & Garmin feature...

The dealmerchants at Decathlon have rolled into town today, kicked the DealCatcher to the kerb, and have started flogging their bundles of hugely discounted cycling goodies.

If the deals weren't as good as they clearly are, the DealCatcher may have put up a fight, but when Btwin bits and bobs - which already offer incredible value - are being flogged for much less than normal, it seems his job's been done for him!

This takeover isn't restricted to Decathlon's in-house BTwin brand, though. Shimano overshoes, Mavic wheels, Orao sunglasses, Vittoria tyres, a Camelbak backpack, as well as Garmin and Sigma cycle computers all feature too.

So, what are you waiting for?


42% off BTwin's 700 Waterproof Road Cycling Jacket
WAS £59.99 | NOW £34.99

BTwin 700 Waterproof Road Jacket.jpg

The first two items in today's DealCatcher may seem a little unseasonal if you're currently experiencing weirdly warm springtime weather. But there's a fair chance - given that the majority of you, our readers, are reading from the UK - that there'll be a whole host of you sheltering from springtime showers right now.

The weather's going to get better, but we're in Britain, it's not going to stop raining, ever. So, if you're in the market for a new waterproof, look no further than this bargain from BTwin.

This particular BTwin 700 is the more performance oriented of the two, very similar items we're starting today's DealCatcher with, so if you want to stay dry without sacrificing too much in the way of aerodynamism, this one's for you.


42% off BTwin's 700 Waterproof Cycling Jacket
WAS £59.99 | NOW £34.99

BTwin 700 Waterproof Cycling Jacket.jpg

Unlike the jacket above this one's cut lends itself to the more upright cyclist.

It maintains the same Novadry 5000mm 3 ply breathable waterproof membrane as its performance based brother, but features a chest waterproof pocket and long ventilation zips on the sides.

We love it. Really, we do. Our man Dave Atkinson gave the jacket a 9/10 when it flew through our doors for review.

So, if you're after a performance jacket, or something for your commutes, BTwin and their 700 range have you covered.

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27% off Shimano's S2000D Hybrid Overshoes
WAS £21.99 | NOW £15.99

Shimano S2000D Hybrid Cycling Overshoes.jpg

Shimano are getting in on the waterproof action in today's DealCatcher too.

Sure, you might feel like the worst of the rain is behind us, but we'll ask you to try and cast your memory back to almost every single spring you've ever experienced in your life.

Does the rain just stop?

If you want the option of riding through spring and summer showers and keeping your feet dry, this is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in a pair of overshoes.


65% off Orao's Portel Pack CAT3+0 Sunglasses
WAS £19.99 | NOW £6.99

Orao Portel Pack Sunglasses.jpg

So, let's leave the rain behind us.

The sun's been shining and you've been out enjoying it. We know, we've seen your #mycyclingweekend photos.

Are you equipped on the glasses front? If not, Orao have a great selection of colours and styles available over at Decathlon at the moment for the very low price of £6.99.

We reviewed a pair of their sunnies back in 2014, and our man Sam Shaw loved them - he gave them a 9/10.

Check out his review below:

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9% off BTwin's 500 Jersey & Bib Short bundle
WAS £42.98 | NOW £38.99

BTwin 500 Jersey and Bib Shorts bundle.jpg

On the topic of summer, you might be looking to christen the good weather with some brand-spanking new kit.

Getting your hands on full summer kit can be pricey, fortunately, when BTwin are involved you're gonna get good quality gear of very little financial outlay.

This bundle here offers fantastic value, the BTwin 500 range is great - according to our reviewers anyway - and this bundle here grants you enough of a discount so that you're essentially getting free delivery.

Not bad, eh?

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20% off Mavic's Ksyrium Elite S Road Wheelset
WAS £439.98 | NOW £351.98

Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheels.jpg

Mavic's Ksyrium Elite wheelset offers fantastic performance for mid-range cyclists who are looking for long-ish comfortable days in the saddle as well as a bit of a performance kick for the occasional race.

Our man Stu Kerton reviewed these, and was really impressed - giving them an 8/10 - but said that the tyres left something to be desired.

Which is handy, because our next deal can go some way to solving that problem.

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50% off Vittoria's Rubino Pro Road Bike Tyres & Tubes
WAS £39.99 | NOW £19.99

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tyres and Inner Tubes.jpg

Arguably the best tyres that you can get for under £20 each, the Rubino Pros offer incredible value. So, when you can get them for under £10 each, what are you waiting for?

You like these tyres. No, not you specifically, although you might like these tyres, but you collectively. During our People's Choice Awards for tyres, the Rubino Pros finished 5th with 7% of the vote.

So, yeah. You like these.


36% off Camelbak's Lobo Hydration Pack
WAS £54.99 | NOW £34.99

Camelbak Lobo Hydration Pack.jpg

The weather's getting better so hydration is going to play a much bigger role in your cycling life than it has over the last few months.

Often, convenience is the biggest factor holding us back from fulfilling our true hydration potential. Laziness and lack of forethought are issues we are all susceptible to falling victim to, so why not make your life easier by investing in a device that'll help you on both fronts.

Camelbak's Lobo Hydration Pack will carry six litres of water and it can pack a helmet and a jacket inside when it's empty too. 

Also, at £35, it's a bargain.


14% off Garmin Edge 25 Cycling Computer
WAS £104.99 | NOW £89.99

Garmin Edge 25.jpg

Decathlon say that this is the cheapest Garmin Edge 25 in the UK, and they might just be right.

Regardless whether it's the cheapest or not, it's the smallest GPS computer ever, and we adore the little guy here at

Our man David Arthur gave it a stonking 9/10 when he reviewed it.

At £89.99 this unit will give you all of the riding information you desire from a small and good-looking little house. 

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27% off Sigma's Rox 5.0 Wireless Cycle Computer
WAS £74.99 | NOW £54.99

ROX 5.0 Cycling Computer.jpg

Finally, while we're on the topic of computers, the Sigma Rox 5.0 is experiencing a massive 27% discount over at Decathlon.

The unit will measure your speed, cadence, heart rate and temperature while you're riding, and if for some unknown reason you really fancy going on a hike, it can measure your hiking data too.

We're not sure why you'd want so much information about your hikes, but at least you've got the option, right?

The Rox 5.0 is a fantastically equipped unit at an incredible price. So, if you're not one for shelling out for a full GPS unit and just want your ride data from a good-looking little package, this one's the one for you!

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