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New BikeHub iPhone app for bike navigation released

Bike Hub releases journey planner for Apple hardware

iPhone-using cyclists are already saying good things about a just-released cycle navigation application from Bike Hub.

As reported a few weeks back the free-of-charge app uses to plan journeys and combines clever computing algorithms and local, expert knowledge to offer quickest, quietest and ‘balanced’ route choices, the latter offering a happy medium between the former options.

The Bike Hub app works best in urban environments buts its usefulness is not limited to town and cities. Journeys of up to 50km can be calculated but its creators say that this distance will extend as the coding matures through crowd sourcing.

The app provides location data for the Barclays Cycle Hire Bikes in London and while it does not pull in live bike availability data from Transport for London, there are other apps out there which do.

The Bike Hub app also has a news section, a cycling events calendar and longer features on such topics as the Cycle to Work scheme, cycling and the law, off-road riding dos and don'ts and it even offers up some of the best-ever quotes about cycling.

The app’s route finding and news feed functions require access to online mapping which means Wifi or a mobile phone signal. However, the feature articles are hard-wired into the app and can be accessed without Wifi or a phone signal.

You can download the app via iTunes.

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