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New website to help Bristol cyclists report drivers who park in cycle lanes

Bike Lane Uprising builds database to identify repeat offenders

Bike Lane Uprising has launched in Bristol, reports the Bristol Post. The website allows users to report vehicles parked in cycle lanes and works with local authorities and companies to try and tackle the issue.

Any cyclist who has used a cycle lane knows that they are often viewed as parking spaces by some motorists.

Bike Lane Uprising crowdsources data in a bid to highlight problem areas and trends. They then work with local organisations to try and prevent future obstructions.

Bristol's poor cycling infrastructure now has its own Twitter account

The site was first launched in Chicago by Christina Whitehouse, who was almost run over by a truck that entered into her bike lane.

She was stopped at the time, but the driver turned so sharply he not only drove into the bike lane but also onto the pavement.

“I thought for sure I was going to go under the back wheels of the truck,” she said. “With both hands on the side of the truck, I kept trying to push myself, and the bike I was on, away from the back wheels.”

She managed to avoid going under and the truck continued to roll through a red light.

Assuming she simply hadn’t been seen, Whitehouse raced after the truck to let the driver know.

“He matter of factly informed me yes, he did know what happened. I couldn’t believe the callousness of the driver. He didn’t care. He then drove away again.”

She later tried to contact the company he worked for, but couldn’t get past the receptionist.

“I began to learn just how fragmented and difficult it is to report drivers like him. I knew there were opportunities to make it easier to report and better use the data of incidents. I decided to do something about it.”

The website works by members taking photos of bike lane obstructions and submitting them. A database is then built up to highlight problem areas and identify trends in driver behaviour. The hope is that by speaking with a collective voice, issues will be taken more seriously.

The site is in use in 12 cities in the US and Canada, but Bristol will be the first in the UK.

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Bmblbzzz | 6 years ago
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Can't see anything about Bristol on their site. But when/if it does start featuring Bristol, can't be long till Chris "King of the People's Republic" Chalkley features!

brooksby replied to Bmblbzzz | 6 years ago

Bmblbzzz wrote:

Can't see anything about Bristol on their site. But when/if it does start featuring Bristol, can't be long till Chris "King of the People's Republic" Chalkley features!

Does he still drive around in the Mighty Banana van?

brooksby | 6 years ago
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Who will they sell the data to after members of the public have collected it for them? 

ChrisB200SX | 6 years ago

£30 fine... I don't understand how councils aren't all over this (and double-yellow parking) given that they are so strapped for cash?! All it would need is a parking warden on a bike to visit cycle lanes a few times per day.  Seems to me it would be a massive money spinner.
My brother in Bournemouth regularly finds parked cars blocking his driveway for hours on end, meaning he can't visit his clients to walk their dogs etc and can't earn his living... council/police do nothing about it.
There should be an app for this sort of thing in every town city, pictures, GPS location, reported, simples. Maybe you get 10% commision for each fine handed out?

NPlus1Bikelights | 6 years ago

2114 stands out. I wonder if he/ she will be a repeat offender

bechdan | 6 years ago

this wont apply to delivery drivers, taxis, people with hazard lights on etc, they are allowed to park anywhere! and seeing as the police dont do anything about drivers parking on double yellow lines most of the time, do you really think anyone will care about this? I might just being slightly pessimistic but also fairly realistic I think.

Mb747 | 6 years ago
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I didnt know there were any laws in the UK regarding parking in bike lanes

A solid white line indicates a mandatory cycle lane which motorists cannot drive or park in.

A broken white line is an advisory marking telling motorists they should not drive or park in cycle lanes unless absolutely necessary.

Motorists who are caught parking in a mandatory cycle lane may be given a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice.

hawkinspeter | 6 years ago
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Nice. I've just signed up for it.

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