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Bristol taxi driver who cut up cyclist and braked in front of him has licence revoked (+ video)

Incident has also been reported to the police

A Bristol taxi driver who was caught on film cutting up a cyclist and braking in front of him has had his licence revoked for driving in an intimidating and dangerous manner.

The Bristol Post reports that the incident occurred on Victoria Road and Anchor Road at about 8am on Saturday, March 9.

The footage, posted on Twitter by Bristol Cycling Campaign, begins with the cyclist gesturing at another motorist who overtakes in a 20mph zone coming up to a red light.

The driver of the silver Seat taxi follows and then cuts in front of the cyclist before braking at the lights.

Two minutes later, after the lights have changed, the taxi driver passes the cyclist on the inside before swerving into the cyclist’s lane and again braking in front of him. He stops blocking a pedestrian crossing.

"What you doing? It's a 20mph limit," the cyclist says.

The driver leans out of his car window and shouts a number of things, seemingly enraged by the earlier incident.

At one point, he ssays: "Shut up. You're dangerous mate, you're dangerous. Fuck you. He's got kids in the car. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

The cyclist says: "He shouldn't be doing more than 20mph. That was really dangerous what you did there, you're supposed to be a professional driver."

Bristol council agreed. In a statement, they said: "Following a report from the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team a private hire taxi driver has had his licence revoked for driving his taxi in an intimidating and dangerous manner, putting the safety of a cyclist and other members of the public at risk.

"The cyclist had captured the incident, which was considered as very serious and is also being investigated by the police, on his helmet camera."

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