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Free lessons in cycling in Manchester traffic from Bike Right!

Aim to make Manchester a true cycling city after the Olympic successes

Hundreds of cyclists in Manchester are to receive free training to help learn how to negotiate the heavy traffic.

Manchester-based BikeRight! is Britain's largest bike training company, and trained more than 900 riders in the Freewheeling training scheme and the company helps more than 20,000 people every year.

There is pressure on Manchester to increase the number of people using two wheels to go about their daily business, after the Manchester Velodrome was the hothouse producing seven gold medals at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Bike Right! aims to show another 500 people how to cycle safely, how to position themselves in the road and how to be seen by other traffic.

BikeRight! spokesman Andy Tucker told the Manchester Evening News: “Lots of people who want to give it a go are put off by busy roads or worried about ­accidents.

“Freewheeling is a great way to build confidence in a safe and ­controlled way and the informal nature of the course really appeals to ­beginners and experienced riders alike.”

There are courses for both absolute beginners and experienced riders, with training at weekends, early evenings or during the day midweek. Bikes and helmets are provided for those who need them.

Find out more at Bike Right!

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