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Video: Mike Cotty's 666km Trans-Alps ride, part one

From Evian-les-Bains to the top of the Galibier, in the middle of the night - follow Mike on the first half of his adventure

Epic is a word bandied about a lot where cycling is concerned, but Mike Coty's 666km trans-Alps journey from Evian-les-Bains to Nice is surely worthy of the title. Mavic are producing a two-part video of the ride: part one is online today, with part two landing on 5 September.

What's the point of the ride? "Seeing what I'm capable of, and just enjoying being free and out on the bike, for just a few hours", says Mike at the start of the vid. A few?

The ride featured over 16,000m of climbing and 17 cols along its length, with the climb of the 2,645m Galibier coming in the middle of the night. Mike completed the ride over two hours ahead of his 36-hour schedule.

How did he find the ride? "You have to just switch off, and put yourself through hell, and hang on. But this is what we do. It's not supposed to be easy."

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