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Olympic-Standard Outdoor Velodrome Planned for York

University of York are seeking funding for outdoor velodrome to be built in Tour de France year.

An outdoor velodrome is to be built in York in 2014, according to plans announced by the university last week. The 250 metre track which will be made from a custom “proprietary surface” will be built in the York Sport Village just outside the city at a cost of around £1 million.

Next year will be an important year for cycling in Yorkshire, as the county is due to host the first two stages of the Tour de France.

A spokesman from the university has put dampeners on the excitement that the track could be up and running by July by saying that “it is too early to give guarantees, or even aspirations, that it will be built in time for the Tour de France.”

But, while the track may not be ready for Yorkshire’s Grand Départ it will complement a specifically built cycle circuit in the Sport Village as well as marking a stellar year of cycling in the city.

The inaugural Sky Ride York which took place in September saw 5,500 cyclists demonstrating the city’s love for cycling culture by taking to the streets. The plans for the velodrome were announced alongside the event which looks to be a regular feature in the city’s cycling calendar.

According to the university spokesman, funding for the project has been sought by the University, who plan on matching any contribution that British Cycling offers. The City of York Council, on the other hand, support the project, but have had no hand in securing its funding.

Celebrating the city’s love for cycling, councillor Sonja Crisp told The Press in York: “More world-class competitive options for our two-wheeled talent to develop and shine are an important part of the city’s Olympic and Tour de France legacy, as well as for the health and wellbeing of our cyclists.”

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jarredscycling | 10 years ago

I wish the US had some outdoor velodromes

Pitstone Peddler | 10 years ago

Nothing but good can come of this. Depending on your tastes, track leagues in my experience are more fun, safer, less aggro and cheaper than open road racing, more tracks the better  16

mickcee | 10 years ago

Would love to see a race which finishes there Hell of the North style!

antonio | 10 years ago

Great news, if York rally gets back on it's feet it will be a great added attraction.

othello | 10 years ago

Great news. The more outdoor velodromes the better.

Bournemouth track is excellent BTW.

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