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School pledges that all children will be cycling by year six

“Honestly, what this school has done for my kids is nothing short of a miracle".....

A head teacher has launched an initiative to encourage all her pupils to learn to ride a bike.

Alexandra Palmer said 'every child deserves to ride a bike' and described cycling as an 'essential life skill'.

Mrs Palmer has worked at Stannington First School, Northumberland, for four years.

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Her new initiative is part of Northumberland County Council’s Big Gear Change campaign which encourages residents to make small lifestyle changes to make a big impact on both health and the environment.

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Mrs Palmer said: "A large proportion of our pupils live a considerable distance away from the school so we’ve introduced the concept of park and stride along with park and ride. 

"Parents can drive their children to school but park far enough away to engage in exercise to kick start their mornings.

“We also place interesting facts and educational questions around the village that all the kids go wild for.”

She added: "Every child deserves to ride a bike.

"I believe it’s the most fun form of exercise and an essential life skill, like swimming.

"You can see how much the children love it when they finally get their confidence up and go zooming around the playground."

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Speaking to ITV, a parent at the school said the cycle to school in the morning had already proven to be extremely beneficial for her children.

Rebecca Jest said: “Honestly, what this school has done for my kids is nothing short of a miracle. 

“One of my boys was feeling a bit poorly the other day until I reminded him of the science trail in the village and it made him get out of bed and go into school! I couldn’t believe it.

“I am so grateful for all the school does for them. I know that they are getting a solid education but also a great foundation to support their physical and mental wellbeing, which is invaluable." 

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