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Ekoi unveil new winter clothing, with passing distance logo and emergency button included

Ekoi have struck again, this time including an emergency contact buzzer and distress alarm that they're including with all of their new winter kit options...

The brand that brought us the one-size bib shorts, a jersey that prevents tan lines and a thermal onesie have released their latest unique take on cycle clothing with their COMP10 line. 

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Ekoi say the new gear will "beat the winter blues" and is available in a choice of six colours, which includes a long-sleeved jersey, bib tights, and a jacket. The bib tights are priced at £116.00 with an Italian-made gel pad or £98 with their Pro padding, and come with flatlock seams and super stretchy straps. The £71 long-sleeved jersey weighs in at 200g and has fleece-lined micro-perforated fibres, four back pockets and elasticated front and back hems to keep it from riding up. Interestingly Ekoi have included a close-pass warning on the back, which gives a reminder to drivers to leave 1.5m when overtaking. 

EKOI Mon Sheriff in azione.png













Finally, the COMP10 jacket at £133 also includes the close-pass logo but goes one step further with Ekoi's new MonSheriff Connected button. It's basically a small sensor that you can attach in various places (it's shown here on the back of some bib tights) that can have contact numbers loaded into it. If you find yourself in an extreme spot of bother the MonSheriff send out a message to all your contacts. You can also activate an alarm tone to "attract the attention of rescue workers and other people nearby" according to Ekoi, effectively meaning the device is also a stress alarm. While this may all seem over the top, Ekoi are based in France and the features might be more handy for cyclists in the vast, lonely regions of the alps rather than the heavily populated areas most British cyclists are accustomed to. 

The COMP10 range is available to order now exclusively through Ekoi, you can head over to their website for more info.

Edit: we've just been informed that Ekoi plan to release a different UK-specific version of their safe pass design (with the arrow reversed) on the back of the jersey and jacket; the range will be called Protect instead of COMP10 and will be on Ekoi's website very soon.  




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