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Limar launches Air Pro on day Giro d’Italia faces Mount Etna

New Air Pro helmet aims to be aerodynamic and highly ventilated

Limar was originally going to launch its brand new lightweight Air Pro helmet at the Tour de France, but the Astana team it sponsors wanted it for today’s stage of the Giro d’Italia which faces the mighty Mount Etna, the first of several summit finishes in the Italian race, so its launch has been brought forward. 

Just last week Limar also launched the Air Master at the GIro, so it has been busy developing new helmets this year.


The new Air Pro is designed to balance the needs of ventilation for hot weather as well as also being aerodynamic. It has been designed with input from Astana and utilises wind tunnel testing to validate the design, which Limar claims is 20% more efficient than its current lightest and best-vented helmet, the Ultralight+.

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There are 20 vents as well as eight inner channels designed to funnel the airflow where it needs to go to cool your head and reduce drag.

Its shape, apparently inspired by nature, is said to be substantially more aerodynamic than its Ultralight+ helmet. The shape of the longitudinal ribs has a pyramid shape that is claimed to cut through the air more cleanly, while the longer tail is intended to reduce turbulence by providing a smoother detachment of air at the back of the helmet.


Limar has also added ‘transversal wings’ between the longitudinal ribs that it claims to improve airflow into the helmet as well as benefiting the aerodynamic performance. These winds are made from carbon and also contribute to the structural integrity of the helmet, which is made from EPS foam.

Inside the helmet is the company’s Air Fit retention system. It’s a lightweight and compact design with horizontal and vertical adjustment, with a small rotary dial to tune the fit.

The Air Pro weighs 230g in a size medium, 270g in a size large. It'll cost £249.99.

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