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Rapha launch the Étape and Grinduro collections

Made in tribute to the Étape du Tour sportive and Grinduro weekend, Rapha's new collections feature jerseys, bibs, t-shirts and caps and are all available now

Rapha have launched two new collections, one in tribute to the Étape du Tour sportive and another celebrating the Grinduro weekend. 

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The Étape jersey and shorts are "inspired by the mountains and designed to help you conquer them", say Rapha, made for hot days with lightweight fabrics. The £85 jersey, available in both men's and women's versions, has the Étape route printed on the back and is based on their Pro team training jersey - cut to be comfortable on the bike without being too tight.  

The Étape Core bib shorts (£85) have the same chamois as used in the Rapha Classic bibs, and have comfortable flatlock stitching with a close but fairly relaxed fit. Completing the collection is a casual t-shirt (30), cap (20) and water bottle (£12). 


The Grinduro collection has a strong purple-ish colour scheme throughout, with a super soft fabric on the jersey (£60) that is recommended for wearing on its own or with a base layer underneath. There are three big 'cargo' pockets at the rear and Rapha's signature contrast band on the right arm. 

The Grinduro Core Cargo bibs (£110) have side and rear pockets like the regular versions for harbouring extra rations, and they're made of a dense-knit fabric for enduring tough off-road riding conditions. Completing the collection is a Grinduro technical tee (£55) and a cap (£25). 

L'Étape is on the 21st July, while Grinduro Scotland (there are four events in total worldwide) starts on the 13th July. You can check out the Rapha Étape collection here and the Grinduro gear here

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Blackthorne | 4 years ago

The guy in the photo looks like the epitome of the Rapha clad fetishist so deep and enamored with the style rulebook that he’s unable to comprehend how silly he looks perched on his saddle, acutely aware of judging eyes while he puts on a persona of nonchalance and effortlessness, craving for attention with sunglasses poised, random symbols and pink strips plastered to a sleeve here and there. But it’s all ok, because Rapha means he’s now a respected cyclist. A cyclist coming the other direction nods. He recognizes the jersey from last night’s online browsing. He feels a connection. He’s made it. 

bendertherobot | 4 years ago
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I've ordered the etape bundle because a) the Pro Team jersey is my absolute go to and b) I was about to spend money on a new pair of bibs, may as well get them as part of buying a new jersey. 

ktache | 4 years ago

Nice purple.

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