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Video: Fairlight's new Faran 2.0 adventure bike

Get all the details of the do-it-all steel bike straight from designer Dom Thomas

Fairlight Cycles recently revealed the latest version of its Faran steel bike – a model that's built to go virtually anywhere – and we managed to sit down with designer Dom Thomas to get all the juicy details. 

The Fairlight Faran was originally designed as an adventure frameset, capable of tackling massive multi-day bikepacking trips, audax rides, commuting and just about anything else you wanted to do. The 2.0 version retains that focus with some changes to the geometry that focus on the front end.

> First Look: Fairlight Faran 2.0 with a revised geometry for better handling

You've still got the choice between two geometries in each size with a regular fit for general riding and a tall fit for a more upright position.

The Faran 2.0 features a huge number of mounting points for bags, racks, bottle cages and just about anything else that you want to take with you. Dom talks us through the Faran 2.0's intended purpose as well as revealing the thinking behind individual features of the frameset.

So grab a cup of tea and a slice of cake (it is Friday) and settle down for what is an incredibly interesting chat.

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