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Will head-up display cycling shades finally catch on with the launch of the Qidi Vida Smart AR glasses? Plus a £6k limited edition Campagnolo groupset, £16k custom titanium road bike, the maddest shoes you’ll see this week + more

Check out Look’s updated climbing bike, new clothing from Rapha, Oakley and Pas Normal Studios, Fizik’s latest 3D saddle, and carbon kit for a superlight Brompton

We have a ton of cool new clothing to tell you about this week, crazy-looking shoes from Bont/Cycology, and Look’s updated 785 Huez climbing bike, but we’re starting by asking whether it’s finally time to get onboard with head-up display cycling shades…

Could the Qidi Vida tempt you to give a head-up display a go?

We’ve been reporting on glasses with head-up displays for years – where you get data shown in your field of vision so there's no need to glance down at a bike computer – but they’ve never really got going as a genre in cycling. In fact, we included them in an article titled Where cycling products go to die: bright bike tech that has failed to catch on. Ouch! Talk about sticking the boot in.

Qidi Vida aims to end all that. Here are all the details (prepare yourself for some Oscar-worthy acting)…

The team behind the design says, “The Qidi Vida adopts an AR HUD [augmented reality head-up display] commonly used in luxury cars to show power status, guidance, navigation, and more. 

“Whether you want the HUD to be visible or not, just use voice commands to control it. In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent light system and UV detection that allow you to exercise with great comfort and protection.

2024 Qidi Vida HUD glasses - 1 (1)

“Qidi Vida serves as your sports assistant and offers real-time alerts of your pace, heart rate, and other fitness-related health data. 

“Qidi Vida supports seamless ANT+ and BT connections with devices from Apple, Garmin, Wahoo, iSport, Samsung, etc. This allows you to access shared data through apps like Strava and Garmin Connect. In addition, the flexible navigation based on GPX files will enable you to freely adjust your cycling route.”

There are way more features than we can list here.

2024 Qidi Vida HUD glasses - 1 (2)

Qidi Vida is looking for pledges on Kickstarter (you’d have guessed Kickstarter, right?). Various 4G and Wi-Fi versions are listed, with prices starting at $329 (around £263). As we always point out, pledging money through a crowdfunding site isn’t the same as buying through a retailer; rewards aren’t guaranteed.

Looking for £4,000, pledges stood at over £168,000 last time we checked, so we can safely say that the funding target has been well and truly met with six weeks remaining.

Find out more here

Got a spare €19k? That's how much Passoni's Year of the Dragon limited edition titanium bike costs

Passoni limited edition dragon year bike

Passoni is well known for crafting some impressive custom bikes, and its latest titanium bike is said to symbolise "power, strength, and good fortune", paying homage to the Chinese lunar calendar, which marks 2024 as being the year of the dragon. The bike is also a very expensive creation, and for most of us, owning one is probably as likely as seeing a fire-breathing dragon in real life.  

The Chinese artwork that adorns Passoni’s titanium Vinci frame, which was initially created for the Italian brand’s 30th anniversary, is hand-painted in signature gold in Vimercate, near Milan.

> Starting bid is £16,000 as Passoni auction Limited Edition bike for charity

The 'limited' in this bike's description is no joke – there are only 24 pieces made with the striking candy-gloss red finish with a translucent effect. This allows Passoni's carbo-titanium weave to be visible through the paint. The carbo-titanium tubes are what they sound like: they combine carbon and titanium.

Passoni year of the dragon detail

That frame is made with grade 9 titanium (3Al /2.5V) with different thicknesses for the seat tube and top tube. The head tube, bottom bracket and dropout get a grade 5 (6Al/4V) titanium construction. 

Passoni year of the dragon detail

And talking about limited, we'd say the number of folk who could afford this bike is very small. That's because the complete bike built with Campagnolo Super Record WRL, Bora Ultra C23 wheels Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres and a custom Selle Italia saddle sets you back €19,229 (around £16,500). If you have the components ready – though bear in mind it's compatible with electronic groupsets only – the frameset is €12,999 (around £10,300). 

Would you like to have one of these? More to the point, could you afford one? 

Find out more here

These are definitely the maddest shoes you’ll see this week

Aussie brands Bont and Cycology have come together to produce two limited-edition shoe designs that are a touch unorthodox, to say the least. The shoes are Bont’s existing Vaypor but given wild Cycology finishes.

2024 Bont Vapor Cycology 8 Days shoe - 1

> Check out our review of the Bont Vaypor 

The 8 Days shoe (above) is a graffitied style based on Beatles lyrics, while the Velo Tattoo design is, Cycology says, “full of cycling wisdom, inspiration and motivation to remind us why we love to ride our bikes”.

2024 Bont Velo Tattoo shoe - 1

Cycology offers a whole range of clothing in each of these styles.

The shoes are priced at £369.95 a pair.

Find out more here

Look updates 785 Huez climbing bike with “nanotubes” and a threaded bottom bracket

Look Cycle has introduced the latest version of its 785 Huez road bike, adding tiny nanotubes into the carbon layup to ultimately reduce weight, while switching to a T47 (threaded) bottom bracket.

2024 Look 785 Huez - 2

“The 785 Huez incorporates nanotubes in its latest carbon lay-up, a specific design reducing the tube’s inner thickness to save weight while preserving frame performance and solidity in key areas such as chainstays, head tube, and bottom bracket,” says Look.

“Working in conjunction with the performance-focused frame geometry, it provides riders with maximum power transfer when climbing out of the saddle, alongside an optimised position for comfort when seated.”

Look sees the 785 Huez as a bike designed for long rides in the mountains. The frame comes in at a claimed 980g (size medium) with the fork 390g. You get space for tyres up to 32mm wide.   

2024 Look 785 Huez - 1

One other interesting feature is the T47 bottom bracket. We’re seeing ever more brands, including Specialized and Trek, switching back to threaded systems.

The Look 785 Huez takes disc brakes and electronic groupsets only. The frameset is priced at £2,450.

Find out more here 

The ultimate retro bike project? 50th anniversary Campagnolo groupset could be yours

If you fancy putting together a rather special retro bike, or you’re just a fan of shiny things, a 50th anniversary Campagnolo groupset is up for sale on Ebay. 

2024 Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset - 1

The groupset was released in 1983, each coming with a numbered membership card. Campag kept number one, and number two went to Pope John Paul II – even though we know that popes don’t always hang on to cycling-related gifts.

2024 Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset - 2

The seller says, “This exceptional groupset is in perfect condition and ready to be used for the ultimate bike build.”

The incy wincy hardly-worth-mentioning downside is that this groupset is priced at £5,999, although you could stick in a cheeky offer if you’re interested.

Find out more here

Okay, put the tools away; you’re just being silly now

It might make your head hurt a bit, but you can probably work out what’s going on here for yourself.

eightyxproof has flipped the fork so that the legs extend out of the top of the frame's head tube, then turned the bike over and added a ridiculously wide handlebar. Oh, and for good measure, he has fitted the two cranks at the same angle as one another.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say this isn't the future of cycling. At the same time, we really want to give it a go.

Fizik releases 3D-printed Antares adaptive racing saddle

Fizik has introduced the Antares Adaptive, the latest addition to its line of 3D-printed saddles. The Italian brand reckons that the Antares Adaptive combines performance and comfort like never before – but it would say that, wouldn't it?


The Antares been a favourite in the Fizik range for years, and now the 3D-printed padding allows the cushioning to be more tailored to different areas of the saddle than is possible with traditional materials.

The saddle comes in two widths: 140mm and 150mm. It's £299.99 for the R1 with carbon rails and £259.99 for the R3 with Kium (alloy) rails.

Find out more here

Rapha expands casual offerings with new Performance Sportswear Collection

Rapha sportswear collection BMM01XX_DSG_Mens-Lightweight-Active-Woven-Jacket_H124_model_6 1-High_Res-Final

Rapha has introduced more casual sportswear into its lineup with the Performance Sportswear Collection of "outerwear, legwear, tops and more, tailored for functionality and comfort both on and off the bike".

The collection includes a whole host of things, including the Men’s Tech Collar Jacket (£140) and Women’s Tech Jacket (£140), designed for all-day movement and light weather protection. The Men’s Easy Tech Shorts (£110) and Women’s Tech Pants (£120) are designed to offer comfort for short commutes and more, and for milder days, the Insulated Jacket (£195) and Vest (£140) are intended to provide durability and lightweight warmth (and let's admit it, every other urban hipster is wearing one of these just for the style points). 

Rapha sportswear collection BKM01XX_BSF_Essentials-Bag_H124_model_8-High_Res-Final

There's also a bunch of accessories, such as the Essentials Bag (£30), Tech Musette (£50), Tech Tote (£55), Cotton Crew Socks (£15), and even an Ankle Strap (£15) for commuting.

2024 Rapha Ankle Strap - 1

An Ankle Strap? That's a posh version of a trouser clip, then.

Find out more here

Pas Normal Studios and Oakley collaboration drops

PNS x Oakley

Another week, another Pas Normal Studios (PNS) collab, this time with Oakley. The two brands' first-ever limited-edition cycling collection aims to cater for everyone from daily commuters and adventure seekers to competitive racers.

In the words of Brian Takumi, Oakley's VP of Brand Soul and Creative (what a title!): "Our collaboration is a testament to the human endless quest for betterment and adventure, celebrating the spirit of exploration that rides within cycling DNA." 


Is it the collab we were all eagerly waiting for? Not necessarily, but the brands have produced some very aesthetically pleasing – and possibly eye-wateringly priced – things together. What's on offer, then, for that endless quest for betterment? In short, everyday eyewear, technical gear, and casual wear branded with Oakley and PNS logos. Things like PNS take on Oakley’s Encoder Strike sunglasses and the Radar EV Path are included, as well as hoodies and the like for more casual looks. 

In terms of the specifics, we have to wait a few more days as the collection goes live on 30 April. 

Want a weight weenie Brompton? Schmolke has your back

Bromptons, with their highly practical and commuter-friendly nature, aren't necessarily the first bikes that come to mind when you think about lightweight performance. But, they shouldn't be neglected by those whose aim is to shave off grams – or that seems to be the thinking of German brand Schmolke, which has just released a bunch of carbon finishing kit and wheels made for the mighty folding bike

2024 Schmolke Brompton wheels - 1

Schmolke, a brand more known amongst hill climbers, offers items including 205g rims, a 129g seatpost and a 95g handlebar which could make your folder a hill-climbing machine in no time… or perhaps not. 

You might have expected it, but as well as shaving grams of your Brompton, the carbon upgrades will take pounds off your bank account. The 16-inch TLO carbon rims, for example, will set you back €540 (£463) each. 

Pair that with a TLO Lowriser handlebar and you'll be another €289 (£248) poorer. And if you choose to finish everything off with the carbon seatpost, that's another €550 (£472). While you're at it, you might as well upgrade to one of Schmolke's saddles which weigh as little as a claimed 79g for €275 (£236). 

Find out more here

Lacking floor space? How about this bike storage system?


If you don't have loads of room for storing bikes, then hanging them up on the wall is a great way to free up some floor space. But if that wall is in the living room, you might want that hanging to be stylish, and that's what Sweden's Ayoo has been chasing with its Signature bike storage system. 

> Best bike storage 2024 — keep your fleet organised and your floors clean

The brand says its rack isn't just practical, but also a statement piece for your home or garage. It comes in three different colour options and basically consists of two poles, each with a slot in the middle for your wheel/tyre. One pole can be pivoted, so you sit your back wheel in the first, then scoop the front into the other. 

The rack accommodates bikes with 700c wheels and tyres ranging from 19 to 30mm in width. Signature will be available for preorder from July 1st to July 31st on Kickstarter, with the price set to be £760.

Find out more here

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Peter_RoadCC | 1 month ago

No option for correction glasses? No reason to even think about buying.

Rendel Harris replied to Peter_RoadCC | 1 month ago
Peter_RoadCC wrote:

No option for correction glasses? No reason to even think about buying.

They do come with a prescription lens fitting that you can have glazed by an optician to your requirements (I do this with all my cycling glasses, it's quite inexpensive, last time I did it it was £25 or thereabouts, just send them away with your prescription and get them back in a couple of days).

Veloism | 1 month ago
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"every other urban hipster is wearing one of these just for the style points"

They are most certainly not. No style points for wearing Rapha, especially off the bike.

don simon fbpe | 1 month ago

Rapha should team up with Burberry to complement the look of the Performance Sportswear Collection.

Vulpine is still top for casual bikewear, the Harrington is the best jacket I have seen anywhere.

check12 | 1 month ago

when 3D arione plz 

Oldfatgit | 1 month ago
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Qidi ... was it just me, or did the guys with the system come over as right cocksockets?

New advertising strap line?
"QIDI: brings out the inner cocksocket"

GarethWyn | 1 month ago

Qidi looks awful 

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