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Five cool and innovative things coming soon from Look, Hunt, Fourth Frontier, Flextail and Vallon

The "fastest ever" pedals, a heart rate monitor that records ECG data and recycled sunglasses are included in our round-up of cool things we're reviewing this week

This week's five cool things feature a host of superlatives, including world firsts, world bests, and fastest evers. We take a look at Fourth Frontier's smart heart rate monitor, Flextail's rechargeable mini pump, sustainable sunglasses from Vallon, Hunt's lightweight gravel wheelset, and Look's "fastest ever" pedals. The full reviews are coming soon, and in the meantime, check out the thousands of reviews we've already published here

Fourth Frontier X2 Smart Heart Rate Monitor - £429

black heart rate monitor with ECG sensor

The Fourth Frontier X2 is claimed to be the "world's first smart heart rate monitor" capable of recording ECG (electrocardiogram) data during exercise. Fourth Frontier says most devices that allow you to record ECG are either watches or hand-held and can't be used during exercise. 

The device is attached to an elasticated, fully adjustable chest belt and can also monitor breathing rate, HRV, strain, training load and more once it's connected to the mobile app after your workout. 

It's waterproof up to 1.5m and the claimed battery life is up to 24 hours when recording data continuously and 14 days if used for an average of 1 hr/day. With most HRMs costing multiple hundreds of pounds less than this one, is it worth splashing out for the bonus fourth frontier-level tech? We're intrigued, our reviewer is intrigued, and the test report is coming soon. 

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Flextail Tiny Bike Pump - £81

black electric mini pump

Is it time to ditch the annoying mini pump and/or avoid the faff of CO2 cartridges and go electric?

The Flextail Tiny Bike Pump is a rechargeable bike pump, claimed to achieve a maximum pressure of 100psi. It weighs just 132g and measures 2.7 x 1.6x 1.1 inches, so you can easily carry it in a jersey pocket. 

The potential of a flat battery might put you off an electric bike pump, but Flextail claims that one charge can inflate two 700 x 25c tyres from 0 to 80psi. Will that work in the real world, and work better than a classic pump or CO2 cartridges? The review is due shortly. 

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Vallon Watchtowers Sunglasses - £122

grey metallic sunglasses with orange reflective lens

Cycling sunglasses can make you look cool but also see very well, and as the world becomes more environmentally conscious, Vallon claims to have designed "the world’s best sustainable shield sunglasses". 

The 80s-inspired frame is said to be made from 85% recycled fishing nets and the sunglasses feature a shatterproof lens with UV protection. 

They are available in three colours: silver blue (pictured above), dark teal copper, and black smoke.

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Hunt 25 Carbon Gravel Race Wheelset - £949

black hunt gravel wheelset

Hunt is a pioneer in the gravel wheels market, having been the first to introduce a gravel-specific wheelset in 2016. Its 25 Carbon Gravel Race Wheelset is designed to be versatile and lightweight, with a total weight of 1,350g for the pair. 

The rims are 25mm deep, 33mm wide externally and 26mm internally, and they're designed exclusively for tubeless tyres.

These wheels are available for pre-order now, with a current discount of 25% off. But if you'd rather wait for our review before splashing out, Stu Kerton's review is due in early March. 

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Look Keo Blade Ceramic Ti pedals - £310

ceramic titanium look keo pedals

Look has introduced the new Keo Blade Ceramic Ti pedals that are more aero, more durable and more comfortable than before, according to the French brand. 

These pedals feature a titanium axle, carbon body and blade, ceramic bearings and a stainless steel plate, weighing in at 190g for the pair. 

Look also says that the new Keo Blade has “a 60% easier clip-in rotation” than previously thanks to an improved weight balance. Stu is currently putting these to the test, so check back to see whether the claims are true out on the road. Assessing how 'fast' they are might be tricky, but we're sure he'll give it his best shot... 

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