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Wahoo launch Kickr Direct Connect accessory for wired connections to protect against dropouts

The new Kickr Direct Connect can be plugged into the Kickr and an ethernet cable to create a hardwired connection

Wahoo has announced a new KICKR Direct Connect accessory that’s designed to ensure that you can complete virtual rides and races without losing signal.

About the worst thing you could imagine happening in an all-important workout or virtual race is the signal dropping out. You are pushing your body to its limits and all of a sudden… Disaster! Wahoo’s new attachment for its fifth generation Kickr indoor trainer is designed to prevent such nightmares.

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The new Kickr accessory, called the Direct Connect (£74.99), attempts to solve the issue of dropouts and claims to be the world’s only device that allows riders to create a wired connection between an indoor turbo trainer and a home network. This enables users to ride with increased confidence and without having to worry about signal loss while working out.

Wahoo’s Direct Connect accessory is compatible with RGT Cycling, TrainerRoad, SUF Training System and FullGaz. But there is at least one key racing platform missing off this list, Zwift. Although, Wahoo does say “other platforms are expected to become compatible in the coming months, including Zwift”.

Wahoo Direct Connect 3
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The new accessory to the Wahoo Kickr turbo trainer is said to “add a layer of security for riders whose riding environment is crowded with radio frequency (RF) signals, who regularly have problems with dropouts during their rides, or who require maximum confidence in their equipment for virtual rides and racing”.

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Plug the Direct Connect into the Kickr and then connect an ethernet cable, on one side to either your computer or home network, and the other to the Direct Connect attached to your Kickr.

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The fifth-generation Wahoo Kickr is currently the only Wahoo turbo trainers that is compatible with the new Kickr Direct Connect.

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Garhel | 3 years ago

Not sure what problem this is solving?  I've never had my trainer drop out on me or lose connection, but I've had the app occassionally hiccup when the number of users has been really high.  I'm guessing this is a problem at Zwift's server end though, not sure how this helps with that...  Even so, it's never bothered me enough to be a problem, but then I'm not competing in Cat A races so I guess it's never been that important to me, and it may be to someone with a different use case.  Or am I just misunderstanding how this works?

Rapha Nadal replied to Garhel | 3 years ago

You might not have but i know plenty of people who've suddenly lost ANT signal whilst using a dongle plugged into their laptop - and I am including myself in there.

Bluetooth is my prefered option now and, thus far, it's been fine but perhaps not everybody has a laptop or PC with bluetooth connectivity.

If you can "hardwire" a connection then you eliminate signal drops.

Secret_squirrel | 3 years ago

What data does it transmit?  Just the 3 usual channels Power, Cadence and FEC?

Does it require a client on the PC - I would presume so.

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